Good opinions: Trump should stop tweeting us into war  | Daily Mail Online

I link these good opinions about the actual situation with the US doing the precise opposite of what was promised in the electoral campaign and about Theresa May’s Easter’s message. I would add that not only christians have a right to speak out, but that Christianity has built Europe and the UK as they are and only a fool or a deep ignorant would think they can obtain the same comfortable type of society with another religion or none.

Atheism brought o Soviet Union and no one likes it or wanted to move there;

Judaism brought to Israel and even the Jews prefer the dual nationality to, de facto, live as a minority in a widely christian country.

Islam brought to Northern Africa and Middle Eastern states from where the muslims just hope to run away to move and live, again as a minority, in a widely christian country.

To hope that the people of the other religions would admit it it has a sense but only for the most honest members of these other religions.

Erdogan won the referendum that gives him unrestricted powers also the power to persecute minorities by the very same turkish citizens who have been given the dual nationality in Europe and in Europe call for more rights for the minorities – the opposite of what they want and voted for in Turkey -.

The dual nationality must be abolished, the borders closed and Europe declared officially christian, the only  logic alternative is that the Jews renounce to Israel as  a jewish state and the muslim countries stop being officially muslims too. The role of the Jews who play the “atheist marxist jew” or the friend of multiculturalism in Europe but do want Israel as a jewish state only for themselves must be condemned openly and any time they tell you “I don’t think Christianity should be the religion of Europe” even if they tell you they are atheists and they are not Jews you must ask them if they think Israel mustn’t be a jewish state for the same reasons, because 9 times out of 10 all these cool atheists about mixing races and religions and abolishing borders are really Jews who play the part, in Italy, France, UK etc. As you can see they are just too cool about abolishing borders and abolishing christianity and mixing with muslims as if really these were such great alternatives. In their mind they are keeping Israel for themselves, so ask them always about Palestine.

Hitler and Mussolini didn’t win support in their countries because they lied about everything, but because some of the things they said were true and people could see it.

‘Instead of a further act of recklessness in attacking North Korea, Mr Trump should step back from the brink and – if he is capable of it – start engaging in calm, level-headed diplomacy.’

Source: Trump should stop tweeting us into war  | Daily Mail Online

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