Jesus is resurrected and even if I am bad, Jesus Christ is resurrected just the same and no muslim, no jew no holocaust can change this. The Lord is the Lord, get over it. Happy Easter.

Happy Resurrection day, you all and don’t tell me “how can you possibly be christian and Right-wing” or even worse “Don’t say right-wing, say conservative, right-wing sounds neo-fascist”.


Christianity is:

That Jesus Christ is Jesus of Nazareth as Ratzinger stated it in the Encyclica Dominus Iesus.

That Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah.

The Jews and the muslims are wrong and the priests who focus on charity they do it to cover up their apostasy.

Also atheists and jews and muslims can give money to the poor, though helping the poor in Christianity is considered a good thing, that God likes and appreciates a lot, it does not change theology and it is not a substitute of theology, moreover true christians don’t tell everybody how much money they give to the poor.

Christ is Christ and Jesus is the Lord, the muslims and the jews destroy our countries because they do not recognize this, they’ve got their own countries and if they don’t like them very much they must start asking themselves why.

Stay christian, become true christian and defend Europe. Europe must be officially christian and Jesus Christ the Lord will be with us officially.

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  1. I’m not a jew, and I’m not a muslim, i’m just an atheist, who realizes that “religion” (or every other name you want to call christianity – I call it something like “belief that an invisible man created us and that now we have to do what is written on a 2000 years old book even if there no proof) must become a thing of the past: we as humanity have to move on, all of this is only dividing us. We must stop labeling people. There aren’t white people, black people, gay people, christians, muslim and jews. There are only people.


    • You are just lying, your parents or grandparents must be either jews or muslims or christians and I know that the people in Italy, France and UK who sell themselves as atheists against christianity are all marxist jews. But in any case, if I have to believe you, so you agree that Israel can never be a “jewish state”?


  2. As if a dead men could live again… What you are talking about is pure bullshit, there is no God up there, face the truth please. (and forcing a single religion to all Europe sounds like the worst idea ever)


    • Christianity is not “a religion” like the others in Europe, we built Europe, if you’re a jew please fuck off to Israel, until it is there and if you’re a muslim fuck off to one of the many muslim countries you have already destroyed. But I bet you’re a Jew who sells himself as an atheist.

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    • Daniel, I have found that most self proclaimed “open minded” atheists have been too lazy to work at their faith. Why are you atheist? Is it because you do not want for there to be a God given moral code that would check your hedonism?


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