The Jews are about to destroy London too, with their lack of taste for art, as usual, send them to hell: Row over new £50m holocaust memorial as MPs say it will ruin Victoria Tower Garden


Project of a mega cement “holocaust memorial” in central London, the site where people are supposed to worship the Jews as eternal victims (and pay to them obedience) instead of Jesus Christ. Send the Jews to hell and recover Europe. It’s incredible that they really plan this suffocating thing in Central London…They have no taste, they never had. It must be meant by the Jews as a punishment for daring to do Brexit.


The Anglo-Jews are destroying the West, now the Anglo-saxons will repent to have defended the Jews in the WWII, they’re about to ruin London too, with their inevitable lack of taste for Art and Architecture, they do not belong to the West, send them to hell, split from the jewish component of society, split freemasonry in two, kill Rothschild and absorb the money of the bank in the State. That’s the only possible solution. In other times I would have said “arrest the Rothschilds” but there are so many corrupted people in the state and in the judiciary the whole process wouldn’t work. It must be a pure military action.

Black Friars bridge anybody? A mega bomb, like Trump’s in Afghanistan at how do they call it the estate where they gather or at the kitch pub-club Annabel’s but when they’re all together all 15, 50 of the clan how many they are, tell Prince William not to go clubbing there and if Nat invites Osborne and possibly Cameron leave them there instead so they learn telling people they’ll do a gigantic holocaust memorial in cement near Victoria tower, it’s Cameron’s fault – as usual – save yourselves until you’re in time. Get rid of them, before they destroy Europe.

A row over where to site the new £50million national memorial to the Holocaust has pit Conservative MPs, peers and a former Lord Mayor of London against the chairman of ITV, ex-Labour Cabinet minister and a BBC newsreader.

Source: Row over new £50m holocaust memorial as MPs say it will ruin Victoria Tower Garden

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  1. The holocaust is the most monstrous lie in all of history. No more of it!


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