The Anglo-Jewish era is about to end, US and Israel will lose WWIII because of an earthquake that will destroy the USA, then Russia will attack and win first the US then Israel.


Pastor Salazar predicted what’s happening in this period.

Pastor Salazar is a christian prophet who predicted last year that there would be WWIII in 2017 but he also predicted that the alliance Russia-China will win, because an asteroid will hit Puerto Rico and that would generate a mega earthquake that will destroy the US till the point  a chunk of California will detach itself – physically not politically – from the body of the US, there will be martial law for the chaos, but then with the US in pieces Russia will attack the USA on its territory and will win and then, last but not least, little Israel will be punished, Russia will attack and conquer Israel, so no jews and no muslims and even less the fags of the EU and UK-US: it’s the Russians that will rule. Then the Antichrist will come and the chinese Yen will be the global currency. The Antichrist will be a man of the East I don’t know whether russian, chinese or mixed. If you consider that the chinese dictators want to be adored like living gods the fact that the Antichrist will want to be adored like a god starts making “culturally” more sense. Though he the Antichrist will have some jewish ancestry, he will hate and persecute the Jews just the same because he’ll want to be worshipped like god which thing the Jews refuse.

Have you heard, Johnson? Jared Kushner will bury the USA. To be a slave of the jews won’t bring to you anything but shame.

Apart from the coming of the Antichrist after the end of the war, I’m happy so the Israelis will be punished for what they’re doing and I hope Netanyahu will be alive to see all this happening. And DeBenedetti too. I believe this Pastor is a real prophet. Tomorrow is Easter. Resurrection. God is great, the power of the sodomites never lasted for long. Sodoma’s and Gomorra’s story teaches and I’m still against gay weddings four or five years before the end.

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