Why we must not fall for the Middle-Right, the parties that are against the muslims but are pro-Israel: because it’s like protecting the guilty one, Israel is the enemy. I’ll never fall for the likes of Trump again.


The european Right-wing Parties must not be pro Israel since it is the Jews who founded the Left and lead the refugee crisis and push mass immigration.

I’ll be brief: you must not be against the Muslims and pro the Jews: the Jews did it, they are the real guilty ones of mass immigration and they lead the lefty pro immigration Parties; Israel and Saudi Arabia did 9/11 and now they even gassed the children in Syria to move Trump against Assad.

The muslims are moved by the globalists but we all know that the lefty pro immigration Parties are handled and financed by Israeli nationals, and I don’t want to repeat again the names: Soros, Rothschild, DeBenedetti, Bonnier – the anti-white swedish btw – etc.

Now to be pro Israel is like accepting the leadership and the lies of the ones who are beating you up: you must not do it.

There is this situation, that the second world war was won against Hitler and since Hitler lost no one wants to be “like Hitler”, but Hitler was antisemtic, no doubt he was a perv, but about the jews he said true things, and the Jews ever since people “don’t want to be antisemitic” have become worse.

I did wrong in supporting Trump with the jewish son-in-law and jewish convert daughter and all the israeli connections, we should have stuck to Rand Paul. I’m not going to do the same mistake again, if there hadn’t been the burden of Kushner, Trump administration would be much better with both Chris Christie and Steve Bannon, because Kushner father was guilty so Chris Christie was right in condemning him. We saw Jared destroying good Trump’s supporters and lying on behalf of Israel, Israel and the Saudis did the terror attack in Syria and Jared and Ivanka-Yael push the administration to bomb Syria. Because the jewish lobby and Israel and Saudi Arabia are the enemy, no matter how much the pro Israel “Right” promises to repatriate the immigrants you must be against them, the real enemy is Israel and the jewish lobby. If we get rid of the Israelis we simply go back in the situation where we do what we like so we can get rid of the other immigrants too, but you can do it after getting rid of the Jews, the Holocaust and Israel. You.Must.Be.Against.Them. Ok? If you don’t get rid of Bonnier, Rothschild, DeBenedetti, Soros, Netanyahu & co. you can never save the West, they bring the immigrants with the purpose of weakening and destroy us european christians, the whites, and they do terror attacks. You must be brave, wherever you are, Theresa May or Trump or Marine LePen: never pro Israel, Israel is shit.

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