UK and USA have transformed themselves from Anglo-Protestant into Anglo-Jewish countries, this is why many anglo-readers don’t understand what’s going on in their countries, their army is spent away, their money is spent away and it’s about time they realize why.


With freemasonry, inter-marriages and donations the anglo-protestant establishment was deformed into anglo-jewish and you can see the result, lies and hatred for christians.

You cannot walk down a street with the Union Jack flag on your jacket because a strange constable tells you “you cannot wear the flag on the jacket, it’s divisive”. But you can wear burqa, niqab, and possibly also the ISIS flag, that’s not divisive.

You send money to refugees in Syria and you find out the refugee agency is managed by muslims who, with your money, discriminate towards christians who are of your own religion.

Christianity is used only to force more immigration from non christian countries or at least so the non christians try.

Downton Abbey’s film director was expressively prohibited to show the anglo-protestant aristocracy praying, and Fellowes knows it. They had to show all dinners in medias res, because the expert of aristocratic culture of the beginning of the twenties and late tens, said to be faithful they had to show the family praying before dinner, so let’s cut the scene.

Now, militarily, they have to support wildly anti-christian regimes like the israeli and the saudi ones and to send soldiers “to remove Assad” the only christian in the area.

They lie. To pretend to believe to Netanyahu’s lies has become for them an obligation.

Everybody knows ISIS is an israeli and jewish-american creation supported by the zionist fake-news clown Rita Katz and they go there at the UN losing what’s left of their reputation saying lies and supporting lies and “not looking at the russians in the eyes” now we now, for shame probably.

Through Freemasonry, inter-marriages, the compulsive actions of the Rothschild bankers and donations the former anglo-protestant ruling class of Britain has been deformed into anglo-jewish: they have to lie for Israel, and I don’t know till what point it is a comfortable position.

The Jews insult christians and in Israel treat people as if they were inferior then they beg for compassion for the Holocaust: they are disgusting. Also Jared and Yael Kushner are disgusting. I don’t give a fuck about them, but let’s see what’s happening. Yael Kushner is lobbying Trump for Israel and Israel wants the destruction of all arab countries around itself. Israel ordered the libyan and the iraqi wars and now wants the head of Assad to destroy Syria.

Boris Johnson, David Cameron, George Osborne, Theresa May they’re all anglo-jewish. Israel is lying, ever since 9/11, Israel is evil. The only open question is if the Queen is anglo-jewish too or if she’s still anglo-christian.

Why white protestants are treated as a cow to be milked and humiliated in the very same UK? Because they do not express the establishment any more, and that’s clear. The establishment protects its own kind, who’s the establishment protecting now?

The Jews in first place and the muslims only to be used to contain the presence and to humiliate the anglo-christians, but they are fought off if they put themselves against the Jews.

And that’s divisive. Isn’t it?

Russia is instead white orthodox and like all true christians they don’t like to lie and they don’t like liars. It’s Boris Johnson and Yael Kushner the liars, the Russians are telling the truth. And they lie, Johnson, Kushner & Co. because for the Jews to lie to the non Jews is “normal” it is something the rabbis teach them at school or at their jewish “catechism”.

Trump said Putin must choose between the West and Assad.

No, Putin must choose between the Lie and the Truth and he will choose the Truth like all Russian establishment because they unlike Boris Johnson are men of honour. Moreover Israel is not the West and Yael is not a western name. We European Christians are the West.

As for the anglo-protestants I don’t miss the times when they were positively bullying around, but now they are simply wrong, worse, ugly, cheap, the women are fat and the men are depressed: they lie and hang on the Jews for fear or complicity.

Israel did the terror attacks at the twin towers 9/11, the Paris terror attack, the Charlie Hebdo terror attack and they lie and lie again like Judas.

I have a sense of disgust, but honestly with all the money in the world, I’d rather say Rothschild: shit you were and shit you shall remain.

And I haven’t got to say: “not all jews are like this” because I owe them nothing. For me they could kill other six millions Jews and I would hope they start with Kushner and Yael the fucking little bitch who orders bombs “to help children” because she’s dumb and manipulated by the husband,  and then continue with the ones living in Europe because from time to time Europe needs a purge. That’s hate speech, ok? I can do it.

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