Why we Christians must stand with Putin and Assad who are christians like us and not with Netanyahu, Kushner, Ivanka/Yael. They are not in our own group.


Why should these people be my enemy and the wahabis my friends? Mrs. Assad is a nice lady, and the only wife, they are christians, the wives of the wahabis friends of Theresa May live under a burqa and don’t talk to westerners for they think we are corrupted, give me a break, I don’t want them as friends. These ones are the normal ones. 

Netanyahu is trying to remove Assad and not to expose himself and his people, but the very idea that it is in the interests of the american christians to remove Assad is ridiculous, Assad is basically a white christian that protects christians, liberal muslims, atheists and non believers and also more traditional muslims always keeping the jihadis under control. Assad is the one you can shake hands with, and talk to normally, why should we remove Assad and give Syria

a) to the chaos.

b) to jihadis – that the Britons ludicrously call moderate rebels.

c) to burqa muslims.

It’s Israel and the Saudis who want to remove Assad and no Theresa may or Ivanka Trump can convince me that their saudi or israeli friends who openly despise christians, Theresa May included if she is, are any better than Mr. and Mrs. Assad.

Putin is also a modern man we westerners want to be friends with. The real point is the zionist lobby in the USA that wants to remove Assad, Ivanka if she really wants to topple Assad’s laic modern regime deserves really to be called Yael Kushner instead of the beautiful and still christian sounding “Ivanka Marie”. They changed religion and still keep an outlook that betrays the bystanders, you Yael joined that religion and are pro Israel we didn’t.

Due to the geopolitical position of Israel and to the actions of the american zionists it is evident that they want to remove Assad for Israel. Israel has an interest in it and Netanyahu is in contact with Kushner. Trump had promised to stop the policy of regime changing. Israel is the only country really at odds with Syria. I can’t stand the israelis when they hide behind the others and the gas sarin attack is fake – moreover the americans don’t care about the atrocities done by their own allies in the rest of the world, so it shows that it is just an excuse -, real doctors have said you cannot really touch bodies of victims of gas sarin with naked hands and without masks ’cause you would get infected and any real doctor knows it. As for the interest in the occult, not only Kushner wanted badly to buy that property at civic number 666 on the 5th Avenue and he couldn’t even re-finance it, but inside that building there are the offices of the firm that produces the RFID chips with which they say that they want to chip and track humanity and that’s pure NWO and Kushner is probably inside of it.

They have jewish fests and they do the celebration at the White House too, with the Jews being a minimum of the population link

Assad is a christian, we stay with Assad, as Lana, Henrik and Angelo say in the video, Assad is the only one who defends christians in the Middle East, we are actually being asked by the Jews to do the war against the other christians and to be allied with Saudi Arabia. We must say no. We must defend the other christians, I am sick and tired to see christians and liberal muslims – who are christian friendly – slaughtered in the Middle East and Israel, Britain and the USA being friends with Saudi Arabia and enemies with the likes of Assad and Gaddafi. We must say no and stay with Assad and Putin, defending christians and also the liberal muslims who are christian friendly; Britons, Americans and Israel are allied with the devil and talk about human rights, all this must change. Prince Charles had invited christian syrian religionists in the UK and they weren’t allowed a visa while all jihadis and throat cutters and girls-whipping wahabis are allowed, if in their opinion this is even only remotely acceptable…I trust the UK is still a christian country and they will put Boris Johnson and Theresa May on the right track.

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