We don’t know what game Jared K. is playing, some say “he wants to be accepted by the big jewish lobby, Rothschild’s” but Jared, Rothschilds are not Orthodox Jews, they are Frankist Jews, do you know what it takes to be “accepted” by them?


What game is he playing?

I don’t take Kushner for so corrupted to be able to mix or even to enter a Frankist Jewish club, I believe he and Ivanka are real Orthodox Jews, now we all know that the “big” jewish lobby is not orthodox, it’s frankist, and those people don’t “accept” you unless you undergo very evil and immoral initiation rituals, a Rabbi may explain this to him better than I, so what game is he playing?

Some people say he’s desperate to be accepted by the big jewish lobby and they treat him a bit coldly and keep him a bit at distance, certainly not for Ivanka, the way some ingenuous may think, also Evelyn de Rothschild always married non jewish women who “converted” to his kind of Judaism for him, see Lady Victoria and see the actual Lady Lynn, Jared, it’s not for that, if they keep you a moment at distance it’s only because they’re frankist and to enter there you know what it takes. Give up bombing Syria to please them, in the end the pact with Netanyahu was Jerusalem capital not third world war, get an agreement with Russia, move to Jerusalem West the embassy if you like, let the Palestinians in Jerusalem East and let alone the Frankists. For you, not for me, I can think badly of you, but not that badly and you’re too grown up to really fit into it at 35. As for Ivanka she’s not the type even more.

I give you this video about Kushner rising by RedIce, I think he’s still in time to rescue the situation unless he wants to go into full “Darth Vader” mode.

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  1. The Rothschilds are ethnic Jews, not religious.


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