Jews and Nazi collaborators, Gays and Pro-Lifers all voted Trump for the Left wanted to abolish the external borders of the Nation and now there’s the obvious infigthing. In France the twin situation: gays and anti gay marriage people both vote LePen for fear of a muslim invasion.


Jared Kushner and Steven Bannon, “I love you but I don’t”.

“My Country right or wrong” has become “My Country sane or insane”, both gays and anti gay marriage people vote LePen for fear of Sharia laws being tolerated by the leftists not to offend the muslims, those leftists who as in Sweden after filling the country of muslim immigrants, approving the hate speech laws against the citizens who didn’t want them, now they themselves, the MPs of the Left who approved immigration and hate speech crimes laws are physically moving away from the spot of the town where they live ’cause they can’t stand the company of the immigrants, blacks and muslims anymore and buy properties in the white parts of Stockholm. I wouldn’t sell to them, I would tell them: now you stay there, in the multicultural shithole full of muslim bullying you built.

In France Macron aka the continuation of Hollande and Valls politics insists with anti racism and welcoming muslims and french gays for fear of actual Sharia laws in the streets turn to LePen, together with the classic macho style far right voter, men are men women are women, and they’ll fight obviously, after winning, the way they are infighting in the White House, where the Trump’s promise to restore the national borders and stop immigration from muslim countries put together Jews hardliners, neo-nazis, LGBT scared of being thrown off the rooftop of something, Caytlin Jenner and Gorsuch and the anti-abortionist lobby. And now there is the infighting. If you consider that I supported Trump, Netanyahu supported Trump, Caytlin Jenner supported Trump and it is obviously the fear of having to live with the open doors and marauding people in your territory and the Left writing and passing bills against hate speech to prevent you from even say you want to shut the door when you go to the bathroom because that’s a wall, and people must see it what you do when you go to the bathroom. So we all voted Trump and we won. Now there’s the chaos. And I can’t stand the leftists playing the cool about it either, because it’s their fault, hadn’t they promised to abolish the national borders the Trump coalition would have more logic, but what do you do? And in France? LePen is the best option just the same.

Informers say that Kushner and Bannon met to bury the hatchet, neo-nazis and Jews, that’s great. Putin? He didn’t gas anyone and he morally cannot abandon Assad. The leftists are the real wrong ones because they insist saying that it’s wrong or criminal that Trump’s advisors met with russian ambassadors, while it isn’t ’cause there’s no war with Russia.

So, my line is always the same: leave Assad in Syria and if you want to fight ISIS, fight ISIS, if you don’t want to fight them at least don’t help them.

In France LePen is still the best option ’cause it’s always better than living in a house without walls, being raped and having to shut up if the rapist is non white for the leftists did the hate speech laws. Someone tell me we are still better than this.

And since we realized that with Trump is like being at a court, we’re all waiting for Barron to end the school term and Melania to come back and limit the influence of Jared and Ivanka. And this is the “Free world” in 2017. I would like to know in the rest of world how it is, we’re always told we actually live in the best part of it. And it is probably true given the level of attempted immigration.

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