In this dramatic moment I take a stand with Assad and Putin and even Iran though as a woman I distance myself from the iranian system, but they are telling the truth, the UK-US-Israel alliance is lying and I cannot support this.


Briefly, I do not condemn Putin if he leaves Assad alone, to avoid a clash with the US-UK-Israel, but they’ll come for him too after getting rid with Assad, if they can get rid of Assad, Assad has always been a tougher bone than Rothschild had thought, and if I were Assad I also wouldn’t cut ties with Iran, because Rothschild wants his head on a silver plate so why should he cut ties with the other people Rothschild wants to annihilate? They the Israeli neocons on behalf of the jewish bankers destroyed Iraq and Libya and if all the countries they want to destroy had created a coalition they would probably be still there, they try to take them one by one, first Iraq, then Libya then, in their hopes, Syria, then Iran like the Jews say and like the Jews want and I call them Jews.

I take culturally the distance from Iran as a christian western and kabalarian woman who desperately likes to stroll around, also alone, and without being touched or insulted, and I can’t stand the way they treat women – but does Saudi Arabia do any better? – but militarily they are right, you have a common enemy that’s called Israel-US and now UK after them, the chemical assault is probably jewish made, they lied on everything, whatever the italian PM does, I don’t care, Gentiloni is a servant in chief, he lies and does what he’s told.

I am sorry, Putin can also choose to abandon Assad, but if he doesn’t, I esteem him more, because they are lying, and I cannot support such an empire of lies.

The british empire is closed, Fallon lies, Johnson lies, it’s like this, they know Israel did 9/11 and don’t say it, they know Israel created ISIS and did the Charlie Hebdo and Paris terror attacks and don’t say it, I was wondering about Tony Blair’s joke about the italian pizza “tie” and honestly Tony you reached the point all the jokes about the italian waiters you can perfectly apply them to yourself and to the british. And you Tony had a big part in dismantling the real British power.

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