This is a war US-Israel-UK against Syria-Russia-Iran, you wanted it. Bomb Israel, because Jared Kushner told Trump to bomb Syria on behalf of Netanyahu. Do me this favour, we take an advantage and get rid the jewish state finally. I want no two-States solution, I want only 1: Palestine.

They wanted it, and for once I must admit that Obama when he said “Trump is uniquely unqualified” yes he was right, if he’s bombing a country for a jewish son in law showed him a photograph of two poor children telling him the bad Assad did this, let’s bomb him, he’s idiot Bush junior level. But apart from his personal idiocy and the jewish lobby that finally now we may grasp the occasion to get rid of and state one state only solution: Palestine. Bomb Tel Aviv, Netanyahu does not “support” Trump, Trump the idiot bombed Syria on behalf of Israel pushed by the jewish lobby headspeared by the son in law, Kushner, the one who had Bannon sacked and spied and leaked for the MSNBC. The cuckhold. Was he nice Justin Trudeau, Ivanka?

But let alone Justin Trudeau. This is what’s happening, the Israelis want to do to Syria what they had done, always by the Americans through the fucking Jewish lobby, the same service they had done in Libya and Iraq, we had hoped Trump would be different, but when you have a country hanging on the lobby, the double nationals, actually israeli citizens who can be, work, spy, boycott inside your own State nation, ’cause they take the american double nationality on purpose, when you to be elected President of the USA have to go physically to Israel to campaign there for gathering the votes of the israeli – american dual nationals who live in Israel and then you have to promise them something to get in change their vote and certainly the Palestinians who are denied the State won’t be helped, because you are not neutral, you are a partner in crime, how can you possibly handle such a situation honestly without suppressing the dual nationality? The Palestinians have no state, the fucking jews have israeli and american nationalities, Alex Jones & Co. covered them up from 9/11 till now because they did 9/11 and everybody knows it, certainly Alex does, in Italy we have the fucking jews as directors of newspapers that promote the opposite of the interest of the italians and are basically only written in italian but are jewish – as in Sweden -. Bomb Israel, it is useless to say this is not a war, this is a warning, they should bomb you and then say it’s just a warning and then send a bomb warning to Netanyahu. Bomb him. It’s just a warning, destroy Israel. Cartagho delenda est.



They wanted it.

The bitches of the Telegraph even dared to call Nigel Farage, one of the honest guys around “a right wing populist”, no it’s not Farage a populist, it’s you who are a bitch, not to mention the self procalimed expert of war in Middle East who said that Syria airstrikes are largely symbolic. Bitch and probably jew. Send a sybolic airstrike on Netanyahu, let’s see if all these fucking jews will finally shut up.

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