The USA did start a war against Syria, it’s useless to say it’s a warning, Fallon, bombing a foreign country is war and now you take the responsibility for this. As for Kushner he’s the evidence that you just must not have a Jew in the group or he’ll drag you to do what Israel wants.


Screenshot from the Telegraph example of delirating british press: when Trump said a sexist joke they said he was danger for humanity, now that he’s bombing Syria they are with him.

Michael Fallon is delirating in saying that the US bombings on Syria are not an act of war are just a warning: bombing Syria is war, it’s useless to say it isn’t because it’s not declared, the USA bombed a foreign nation under the request of the jewish israeli Kushner under the request of Benjamin Netanyahu, I stay with Putin and Assad, this is an aggression and I’d like two things: the “right-wing” press to stop saying it’s the establishment or it’s the deep state, it is the State of Israel through the jewish lobby that wanted this. You started a war against Syria, I hope you lose.

Kushner is the enemy and the proven evidence that you simply must not have a jew in the group, they’ll drag you towards doing what Israel wants, in any way they can, from pleading to blackmailing, if your daughter marries a jew send her to hell together with him.

BTW Netanyhau is an animal. And this is war.

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  1. Unfortunately for the world, the Jewish lobby pretty much controls Washington. As a person who has lived in American for nearly sixty years (my whole life), I have seen this over and over again.

    Christian Zionists and eschatalogical (end times) Christians give much political support to the Jewish lobby in Washington.


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