The EU wants to be an Ethic State, democratic people cannot like it.

UEDisgregatedThe EU wants to give the values to the citizens from top to bottom: it is not a liberal democratic state, it does not recognize really that the citizens are the beholders of values that can be turned into laws, they hate referendums for the citizens with the referendum may “contradict” the state – how dare they? – one heavy state, would say Gianluca Grignani “like lead” not liberal and not democratic, no wonder it is Britain the first country to be gone and it will not be the last.

They must implement the Kalergy plan of blackization of Europe based on things that have been decided by four cats behind closed doors and now they have it with Austria and Hungary that do not want to apply it, the Austrians and Hungarians should sacrifice themselves for the Ethical State, in this case represented by the EU, that wants to impose values to them, as the Greeks have had to sacrifice themselves in order to stay in the EU, for the eurocrats the EU should be the ultimate goal of life, citizens must accept squeezes, become poor, dying hungry to save the EU and to save the Euro, ie the citizens, if one can still call them so, should sacrifice themselves to save the state and to save the currency, ie the banks and a microscopic leadership, because the Ethic State is always the mask of an oligarchy that has taken the jobs that count in the same state it claims to venerate for higher matters, in the case of the EU peace among peoples and anti-fascism, just that it’s not true. And it’s ‘an ethical state the EU, please close it now before it does any more damages. They wrote on the treaties that the European Union is a Union of sovereign states and defends “stands for” democracy, but then they deny it with directives adopted in private session by the four aforementioned fatcats, against the culture and the interests of EU citizens, too white to please them – the management team, as in Soviet Union is obviously Jewish-banking and does not identify with the “white Christians” aka the majority of the Europeans, instead they despise them and would like to replace them with more manageable people towards whom they have no inferiority complex. The fact that the EU is not “strictly” fascist does not mean it is not clearly veering towards totalitarianism through the censorship of opinions and inventing crimes against freedom of the press, or the freedom to write on facebook what one wants, I mean, it is not that if one it is not like Hitler then he is good, in hell there are many places not one only for Adolf, at the EU if they are not fascists or communists they are worse. We must go out – I’m speaking from Italy -. I beg you.

I sincerely believe that they are different from Hitler only because instead of liking the blondes they like the dark-skinned and the Jews, but it is not a liberal state just the same and it shows.

Waiting for them to win, Strache, Lepen etc. We hope the Right to win. Pray that the Right wins. Vote all right-wing.

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