Paola Menella, do you want to take 6 millions refugees from Africa and stay under the control of Juncker and Avramopoulos or do you prefer to leave the EU? Gosh, if they asked me, instead of Orban!


Juncker and Avramoupolos, Bonnie and Clide, Britain is out for mass immigration and what do they do? They try to impose more mass immigration until also the others get out. Close it.

I think, I have a right to such a proposal. I couldn’t believe my ears, so do you prefer to:


  1. Be free, independent, a nice laic christian country, that can have strong but independent trade relationship with beautiful UK or
  2. Stay under the control of Avramoupolos, a bankrupt incompetent who participated to the destruction of Greece and various pro mass immigration commissioners who said literally they have opened EU centres in west Africa to bring legally 6 millions african immigrants to Europe, as someone says 6 millions for someone is a magic number, so Italy becomes black and muslims instead of laic, washed up christian?

They did this proposal to Orban. Because it is a proposal.

I think they deserve people like me in power, give me this proposal and I quit. To the infinity and beyond.

Theresa, wait for me, I’ll join the club the of the free countries.

Notice dear Readers, how Trump is really diminishing mass immigration to the USA, I read on Breitbart it went down of a 94%, so to vote Right-wing does bring the change we want, it is untrue that “all politicians are the same”, not only they know that Brexit won for the refusal of the automatic mass immigration imposed by the EU and what do they do?

They go to West Africa at our european taxpayers expenses to open new legal smuggling centres to bring black people to Europe, always to punish us suppsoedly for the fucking Holocaust, heil Ken. It’s obviously the Jews. I can’t stand them. It is evident that the Jews form a group of interest that diverts too much from ours. Fuck Rothschild and exit the EU, 6 millions of what? They should have asked me, not Orban, do you prefer mass immigration from Africa or leaving the EU. And with Britain already out and Switzerland free to take or not take whomever they like, I think UK and Switzerland will form a chain of independent countries and Austria may join next. It’s like asking people “do you prefer to be free or to be a slave”.

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