Is it me or the Jews are on the side of the EU? Lord Mandelson tells PM to pay £50bn Brexit bill to EU | Politics | News |

Lord Mandelson is not on the side of Britain, he’s on the side of the EU and Israel, like all Rothschild’s minions. So, it’s not me, it’s the Jews who form a different group of interests inside our countries that’s against our interests in the country, in Europe and in the world. The Jews do form a solid group of interests that draws energies towards themselves – they can publicly ask for more immigrants for anti-racism and then secretly ask for stepping up the security in their own ghetto because they’re scared and to leave their ghetto for Jews only – they draw wildly energies in favour of their jewish – only state in the Middle East while advocating racial mix in all other countries and at the same time push everything that weakens the other nation-states and in fact Mandelson, a Jew under the control of Rothschild, tells Theresa May to pay the bill to the EU. The interests of the Jews divert completely from the interests of the other groups, and we all must face this reality and solve the problem. Rothschild, Israel and the jewish lobby are the real enemy, they must be defeated completely.

LORD MANDELSON has urged the Prime Minister to “bite the bullet” and stump up taxpayers’ cash over the EU’s demand for an eye-watering Brexit fee.

Source: Lord Mandelson tells PM to ‘bite the bullet’ and stump up ‘small change’ £50bn Brexit bill | Politics | News |

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