In Britain they’re all shitting in their pants but Jeremy Corbyn. The Jewish community “will not soon forget Labour’s obscene decision on Ken Livingstone”. 

“The Labour party did not die on Tuesday night.”

You bet it did not die, it can resurrect. The jewish lobby is not neutral on the Holocaust and it is made of a bunch of liars. Tell me how, mathematically 11 million people can technically be killed, not even in the concentration camps, but into the gas chambers inside the concentration camps. They don’t enter, get over it. You don’t even know how much space you need to host 11 millions people, let alone killing them inside four rooms inside these camps. And then if the Jews go on refusing the right to the real historians, not their own, being they compulsory liars, to dig into the common burial sites to find the rests of the real dead ones and using the DNA tests to see scientifically how many people really could be killed there for religious reasons it’s their fault. They need the opinion crime because their statements do not stand the proof.

Have you any idea of how much space is required to host 11 million people?

6 millions Jews plus an astonishing other 5 millions declared gays and roma people and I was told also handicapped, gypsies etc. But let me know how many openly gay people there could be in Germany in the thirties? There were really some gay clubs in Berlin and certainly Hitler killed all the gays he could find, but the numbers the Holocaust “experts” give are crazy. The truth is that without the opinion crime they’re over. Deborah Lipstadt just couldn’t debate with David Irving for she was an ignorant in comparison to him, she couldn’t stand a debate with Irving, we’re full of jewish overrated people in the Universities, look at the anti-white “University Professor” Igniatiev who taught “whiteness studies” in Harvard without even having a University degree and without even knowing the real names of the ethnicities he boasted he could teach about, an ignorant basically, but he was a jew and was given the job nothingless than “University Professor”.

Go Ken, and go Jeremy.

The only ones who are not shitting in their pants in the UK are your voters and some on the Right.

Jeremy, I’m not joking, pledge to abolish the dual nationality and the opinion crime and I support your campaign. In Israel they make me sick.

I’m not shitting in my pants either, how can you put 11 millions people into the gas chambers inside of the concentration camps? If the atomic bomb could kill “only” ten thousand people and it was an atomic bomb after all, to kill 11 millions without guns, without bombs, into these gas chambers in my opinion the method and the number just don’t match, if there were really 11 millions they cannot have been killed into the gas chambers, certainly not all of them, and if they were killed into the gas chambers they cannot have been 11 millions. It’s more realistic that the guardians of the official version of the  story are just lying and they need the opinion crime to shut down the debate therefore and for other even superior reasons the opinion crime must be abolished radically. To make movies with the jewish actress playing a more palatable Lipstadt than she was in reality is no proof of anything, they sing it and they play it by themselves.

Source: The Jewish community will not soon forget Labour’s obscene decision on Ken Livingstone 


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