This happens when Italy is run by a lefty mafia of globalists who, on purpose, break the Dublin Treaty and all international laws about immigration: Schengen row as Switzerland accused of ‘anti-Italian border controls’ |

I am glad, not because I’m Italian I’d have to be with Gentiloni, ’cause this italian government is lefty globalist shit. We Italians continue to vote Right-wing and “someone” continues to pull down the Right-wing governments and put unelected leftards in its place. Gentiloni is unelected as Premier and this Ravetto no one knows who she is.

Italy in the hands of the lefty government is, on purpose and I mark and underline on purpose breaking the Dublin Treaty about immigrants and refugees and all the international laws about shipping refugees to Italy and now they want to break also the laws for sending them to the rest of Europe, in fact as I wrote somewhere else they take the immigrants off the libyan coast, skip the safe ports in Tunisia and Malta, lie saying they took them in the Strict of Sicily and that’s a real bloody lie and mega fake news and bring the immigrants here in Italy: they are human traffickers, now they are trying to make other europeans accept the fucking quotas of migrants, the lefty judges ill-treat some right-wing politicians opening dossiers on politicians who call the illegal immigrants “illegal” or with the word they detest more and that we use more instead: “clandestines” breaking the italian law about freedom of speech. Gentiloni, like Renzi is breaking the laws and he’s doing it on purpose. They told the immigrants to go up to Austria and Switzerland undocumented to be registered there because “there they have the money”. It’s disgusting. Carlo DeBenedetti is disgusting and also the italian President of the Republic Mattarella, Gentiloni, Renzi and the EU. Forza Svizzera. The lefty government is lefty no-border “globalist” mafia. They do not respect Dublin and you close Schengen, because this game of not respecting Dublin and then claim that Schengen has to be respected is done on purpose and the fact that it is done on purpose makes it basically unforgivable. They do it on purpose, you’re right. By the way I hate the Left, we didn’t elect this government, we are glad when they fail humiliatingly. And by the way who the fuck is this Ravetto? Another lefty b**ch. They must stop bringing people to my Country and send the ones they took illegally to Africa. For the rest I’m glad Switzerland doesn’t want to fall apart. Add the judges who try to intimidate right-wing politicians like in France with Fillon. They must lose. As for Gibraltar it never belonged to the EU, their scare tacticts make them seem even more evil. At the EU they don’t reason, they can only threaten, usually with little success. Hopefully, this time, with none.

SWITZERLAND has been accused of breaching Schengen Area agreements by introducing “anti-Italian” border controls.

Source: Schengen row as Switzerland accused of ‘anti-Italian border controls’ | World | News |

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