I suggest you to sign the petition against gay marriage till you can, if you give too much rights to the gays the whole country becomes gay. See Sweden.

benny-hill-swedish-policeHave you seen the video linked in the previous post? Have you read Infowars article? Have you seen the photograph on Infowars of the four defense ministers of Sweden Norway Germany etc. who look positively like  housewives and the photo of Russia’s Defense Minister who looks like and probably is a military?

Have you seen the lack of strength of, I’d say, virility of the swedish cops, the stupid feminists who cannot cope with reality and a depressed man.

I am convinced, if you give in too much into the gay lobby and gay culture, the whole country’s culture becomes “gay”. The country becomes a faggots’ country. The only normal people in Sweden in facts are the Sweden Democrats and in facts the Sweden Democrats are also against gay marriages and gay adoptions. Also RedIce is normal, also RedIce is, as I understood, against gay marriages and the gender anthropology. If you are against gay marriages and the gender it’s like God leaves you the mental virility needed to stand up in a fight, gay culture for straight people is normally depressive, ugly, dangerous, and it’s only healthy to be against it.

These people would like to do a war against Putin’s Russia, they are losers, they better stay away, I don’t see them anyway up to the task, moreover I support Fillon, LePen and Trump and in Italy Salvini-Berlusconi and Giorgia Meloni who want a distention with Putin and trade relationship with Russia, on the website Blondet & Friends, that I often quote, there’s written that already now in reality Germany and Denmark are working together with the Russians for the Gazprom project, in fact the article has in the title “In this EU only the ones born servants obey” meaning that also these russian sanctions the countries that do not want to apply them they just skip them, and this is it.

Sign the petition against gay weddings I linked in this article the gays are not the centre of the world, it is unjust towards us to try to impose gay culture to the whole nations, I’m against judging them, but I am also against giving them anything else. Consider that the migrants who beat the swedish cops are against gay culture and they stand up one against four and still seem to have more momentum, more energy, gay culture is depressive, it lowers the testosterone’s level in males and destroys femininity in females, other than forcing children adopted by gays into an unnatural and emotionally deprived ambient for them, the whole nation becomes weird and depressed, The Sweden Democrats are only normal ones and like all normal people the leftists call them fascists.

All blacks tough and pure*, then. If it were like this, I don’t believe swedish police would get beaten like that by an anyone.


*”Tough and pure blacks” is an italian way of calling the fascists.

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  1. If I could I would sign any petition and my school my whole school would sign it it’s wrong and if a gay calls themselves a Christian then they must have not read the Bible


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