Trans who was born man, then transitioned into female, then retransitioned into male, now he’s a cross-dresser says it: life is easier as a man. As a person who says people must be free to change name as many times as they like I should support the freedom to change sex as many times as one likes, but the genitals taken off and then readjusted? And obviously a final thought about the Jews.


Changing name, changing identity, be careful.

The thought about the Jews I put it first, not as final, I was thinking about Kabalah and how powerful it is, then I thought, but the Jews in whose group there are emeritus kabalarians are still there without Israel? Because honestly they haven’t got it. Then I thought God is superior: He doesn’t want to give them, because He doesn’t like what they do, then I reconsidered that probably if they wanted to be honest they should admit it’s they who want Israel as a piedaterre, they don’t want to move there seriously otherwise if all Jews who have “the right to return” moved to Israel, Israel would be automatically there by number, the Palestinians would like to live there because they are arabs and there they feel at home, many Jews they want the dual nationality to basically really live somewhere else and mess up with other people’s countries, therefore my idea that I’m neither pro-zionist nor anti-zionist, I’m just against the dual nationality. Apropos, how’s Ken Livingstone? Hopefully all right, Ken is defiant, I quite like him but I’d never vote him.

What’s all this to do with the trans who transitioned more than once? Because usually kabalarians like me support the idea that people must be free to change name as many times as they like, because you can also be wrong or have an identity crisis and want back another, a new one or the previous one and because  people cannot be slaves of the destiny or of the State. Then I read the story, true, of this person who did the transitioning removing his masculine genitals and wanting them back when he repented, and I thought whether he should have been not given the possibility to castrate himself to become a weird, or if he could do that at taxpayers’ expenses. Honestly I am glad that he wanted to return a man, but at what price? He had conserved the genitals then the doctor re-attached them the way they can, now he’s male and cross-dresses a bit, I noticed that he obviously changed name from Sam to Samantha then Charles now Sam again.

The problem is specular to the kabalarian teaching of changing name to improve your life and unfortunately you cannot know before the sensation, that you may have too strong an identity crisis and just not accept it, so you must have the right to change it back, mind you undergoing surgery. But in this cutting the flesh there is something extreme and I think it shouldn’t be done, he should better find what the kabalarians describe as “a balanced name” which is a name that eliminates all diseases included lesbianism and trans-tendencies, but if you consider that some people repent and say “I can’t stand this, I want to be back the way I was” for example I have the tendency to get aggressive when I discuss or when I write, once I used a nickname that made me feel really calm only I felt like I was asleep and I wanted to go back the way I used to be, to be aggressive made me feel “myself”. I wonder whether we’ll ever be happy. Moreover in Italy the Italian state doesn’t allow us to have a middle-name the way it was when I was born, we should reclaim the right to have middle names. I stick to the point that people must be free to decide for themselves, the State must only write down the name/s chosen by the parents or the person involved. I don’t understand why they had to eliminate name(s). Personally I was deprived of the possibility to be “myself”, whatever myself was. But I know I was deprived of a wonderful life and I want it back. With God’s approval. With or without middle names.

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