Petition to support traditional marriage and family, though I don’t agree 100% with the definition it is done to stop the gender, gay weddings and adoptions. Sign.

Here’s the link to sign the petition to define marriage and family traditionally.


This is a website that’s gathering signatures against the gender and gay weddings and adoptions to stop the EU trying to impose gay weddings and the gender to member states and beyond, the EU being an entirely masonic construct.

I have to say I don’t totally agree with the definition of marriage as a permanent and faithful union because it is clear that if one or both of the spouses are adulterers the marriage is valid the same, I mean like this it’s like the marriage is valid only if people are faithful, which thing is not, the marriage is valid also if there is adultery, I didn’t want to sign it for this, but then I signed it the same because I want to stop the gender and gay marriages, I hope the legislators will correct the imperfections without changing the substance of the message that marriage is between a man and a woman and children need a father and a mother, to start another petition was retarded, I don’t like this petition very much also because it may put off people who want divorce but not gay weddings and gender, I would make it more generic to push more people to sign it. The gender is so bad I signed it the same and I say when it reaches the legislators we can discuss.

If you want to sign, hurry up it expires on the 3rd of April at midnight. Be careful because you may have to do it three times I had to do it three times for the verification code to see you’re not a robot didn’t work properly, I suspect it’s done on purpose to put people off.

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