The International Right-Wing Alliance at work, a good example: Millennial Woes & Ekerbrand. In English everything is possible.

I frame these two videos, I hope I can do it, but usually we can and I add the request for donations for Millennial Woes – not for me – for maximum correctness, I use their contents and so, at least I make some publicity to MW.

Well, my judgement is that both Ekerbrand guys and MW are politically very aware and very cultivated: they know history, they are Right-wing “puritan” like me and don’t like prostitution and drugs, so there is really a big clean right-wing movement against the degeneracy of the Left, that should bring to changes to the drugs, prostitution and immigration laws. If it becomes politically dominant. I have to say that when people speak english most Europeans say the same. There are really little differences between a white Dutch and a white Briton, while with the muslim immigrants there’s simply no connection, none, they live in their neighbourhoods, are despised and despise, they’re not open to one another, we are informed by Ekerbrand that the turkish immigrants despise even half blood turkish-moroccans and they call them “half-blood”. Like this I warn you, Europe doesn’t get anywhere.

Abolish brothels and gay weddings; abolish the double nationality, people who want to assume a new nationality must give up the previous. The numbers of the non assimilable immigration, and this immigration clearly looks non assimilable, must not grow, the way H-C Strache says, they must diminish. The impression is that Dutch society still exists and is on its feet because the Dutch control the establishment, but with a population so divided, remember that, independently from the whites, the ghettos seem to hate and despise one another, turkish Vs. blacks etc., a new establishment with these elements inside will break up Holland in fact the new immigrants party Denk is there as an adversarial body towards the rest of society.

Stop non assimilable immigration and do abolish the double nationality. Immigration is NOT a way to help the poor, the poor must be helepd sending money where the poor are, immigration must be fit for the recipient society and and good for it, NOT a punishment for the sins of the past and this must be clear.

Watch the videos:

Message from MW: [This channel is my livelihood. Donations to are appreciated, as are pledges on and bitcoin donations to Thank you.]

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