The EUrocrats haven’t got it against Farage, they don’t consider him enough, and they haven’t got it against Theresa May, she did what she had to do, they’ve got it against Cameron because “He gave the referendum” which tells you all you need to know about the EU. As for Osborne…too much “sucker love” in his past to openly defy the Illuminati…


Two brilliant careers destroyed by Brexit


Now there is the theory “Cameron didn’t like the EU flag and didn’t like the EU parliament” so excuse me, what did he like, Cameron, of the EU? I want to give credit to these conspiracy theories that David Cameron did the perfect crime, if you consider that the people who brought about the Brexit were also Cameron because he gave the referendum, Farage who campaigned, Boris Johnson, another Bullingdon Club’s member who wanted to reform the EU and campaigned for Leave, to reform it well, and then maybe the only one of the posh boys who really wanted to stay was project fear Chancellor “Either you vote for the EU or I don’t give you the pensions” and showed an empty wallet as a mega warning, I mean everybody hated him, more than usual. Because he’s already hated usually and thinks about his children when booed. Probably because his children think “my dad is good”.

The point is that everybody knows at the EU they don’t hate Farage, because it’s hard to say it, but at the EU they are like this, they don’t consider him enough to really hate him, and don’t hate good Theresa May the only one who could do the Brexit and at the same time have the cover of Vogue I believe or Vanity Fair, forgive me if I can’t remember, and oh she was photographed by Annie Leibovotz like the Illuminati slaves but she did Brexit the same, I almost envy her, Theresa May could take your shoes from off your feet and put on another while talking and you wouldn’t realize it, she can trick the Illuminati too.

But the Illuminati think she did what she had to do, she couldn’t not deliver Brexit, she was kind of “forced” by the good ones. I inform you that the Illuminati now hate Cameron. And why do they hate him? Shiver, because he gave the Referendum. At the EU they are like this, they loathe democracy, detest it, even in Poland or in another state they asked to allow the minority to form the government instead of the majority because the minority was more prone to do what they asked. The fact that they hate Cameron because he gave the referendum tells you everything you need to know about them to understand what they are.

So, hundred thousands people, he’s the one they blame? I dedicate this song to David and be careful about the revenge, to stay Prime Minister was setting the hope way too high, but at least now Samantha’s got the fashion industry.

So, let’s say that when David Cameron understood where the EU was going, he also understood he didn’t want to go there nor Britain “to merge” with the rest of world and go there. The EU never accepted people could say no to its plans, always tried to impose them in secrecy, but for as much secret they think to be, it definitely shows.

As for Osborne he did a tremendously bad Remain campaign but committed political suicide, he was irritating, not bad, nasty, I believe he was black mailed because of too much, let’s say “sucker love” in his past, and we had to know a bit of it for someone’s decision, one who wasn’t a friend of his, he’s a londoner after all. The impression being that when Brexit won he just couldn’t care less.

When this song came out Osborne was around 25, rich and in swinging London – London of 1998 before Sharia patrols -, I can see him, he looks the part, certainly selfish and unkind.

I’m more worried for Cameron.

I also don’t like where the EU is going, I’d just like to jump out. They are making a monstrosity where people in offices, people we don’t know who the hell they are, write laws and directives and try to impose them to the citizens. Enjoy the freedom. Farage has to be thanked and also Farage from the other side should be “blamed”. Or Boris Johnson, or we the pro Brexit bloggers, but they hate Cameron because he gave the citizens the chance to choose, because they really don’t want people to be able to decide. To have the chance. It’s a monstrosity. To be destroyed.

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