Why I had to defend Dijsselbloem. Because what the Illuminati really want is to prohibit Raymond Chandler. These are people who promote sodomy, want to lower the age of consent, don’t give a damn about poverty in Greece but an adult cannot refer to “Nighthawks” life…

The people who criticize Dijsselbloem for the alcohol and women comment, be careful, are not puritan, it’s people who promote sodomy and try to make it fashionable, ask to lower when not to abolish the age of consent and didn’t give a damn about poverty in Greece. They really just didn’t want any references to an adult “hawkish” straight kind of life, because that life, that culture for them must disappear. And this is not an overstatement. What they really want is to abolish Raymond Chandler’s or Tennesse Williams’s literature, that kind of nighthawkish straight identity, they really hate it.

They have prohibited “for racism” Cambridge’s ball inspired by Gone with the Wind, they object that a bunny family for a publicity to chocolate Easter’s eggs is straight, in their opinion it should be gay, they promote sodomy also through that woman of Paltrow, they are everything but Miss Prim. They didn’t really like Dijsselbloem’s statement really because it sounded straight. In their language sexist.

I’d like to remind them that in Holland the brothel is legal so for some Dutch to get ruined spending money in girls for sale is not so outlandish, and obviously drinks, a sober man who goes to the brothel is strange, I mean, they obviously must drink a bit, I am disgusted btw, I am Miss Prim, I am a puritan and despise brothels. So, in his culture some poor men do it. But they are not supposed to do it in debt.

What they do in the Illuminati is unquestionably revealed by Angelina Jolie in a video I promised yesterday to post and here it is:

So, this is it: first of all sodomy, they have an obsession with it, to join they are all sodomized, then twisting the nipples and other painful things until they have the perception a demon is creeping onto them from what Angelina calls “that very real place” meaning that they feel the demons physically. All this sounds inverted catholicism, this is satanic, I am convinced the head of this Dragon is in the Vatican, in fact in all men’s contests sodomy is said to be more frequent than in other contests.

These people get scandalized for “sexism”, for straight males according to them ruined humanity, these people run the feminists who are in fact anti – white straight males. These people hate straight guys probably because these ones don’t want to practice sodomy, neither active nor passive and feel superior to them.

I’d like to remind you that the war on white straight males is declared not hidden, like the war on the whites etc. Even though Dijsselbloem’s comments were rough, his censors actually prohibited Berlusconi to draw Italy out of the Eurozone and in fact caused the situation described, not that in Italy we spent money for fun, we unfortunately were imposed austerity, let’s say that in Greece before the crisis there was a welfare and a pension system that brought the Greeks to go into default before the others, default that inside of the eurozone would arrive. I believe the eurozone must be closed but at this point I’m afraid it’s the whole EU about to shut down, we never understood the EU, they never answered to our questions, never really discussed with us. The EU is a strange entity. It’s like the cat around the night-hawks, it’s like they didn’t want to save british economy and polish, they wanted to destroy it, because they hate us, when they tell you they hate white christians and straight people, tell me who happens to look like this? The overwhelming majority of the Europeans.


The Night-hawks is often used as a cover for Raymond Chandler’s book the Long Goodbye



The EU has something against it and it’s there to destroy it.

If you think I’m exaggerating, think again, they already don’t want to study Plato because being a greek philosopher is “white culture” they want to pull down Queen Victoria’s and Cecil Rhodes’ statues, pulled away an incision welcoming a state visit of Leopold King of Belgium etc. So they have already started. Yesterday I wrote a piece where I said we must form a group only white christians or atheists from christian families, because the Jews and the blacks lately have become too much adversarial of white christian or atheist with christian background europeans. I received a positive comment about this, and then I was ashamed of rate it with a plus, the point is we didn’t start this war, we were drawn into it, and if you’re drawn into the arena and the enemy releases the tigers and you’ve got one sword, you’re gonna fight because you cannot do anything else. The Jews weaken the group, when they don’t actively try to destroy it, and it’s true, they think only about their own little jewish group – with some rare exceptions – and lie on behalf of Israel – always with some rare exceptions – the blacks it depends, but the Jews told them to be against us and ask reparation money. And we don’t really need them.

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