Who’s really winning in France? Why does Valls need to support Macron at the first round if he’s so safe “head to head” with LePen? Give me an Identikit of the judges who are attacking Fillon, please I want to see who they are and… oh, dear, I have to defend Dijsselbloem, I have an inclination for bad boys who don’t talk political correct. He said? Acohol and women? Oh my dear!


Dijsselbloem and Tsipras…mmm…someone is manspreading.

Oh my dear! A eurocrat said “alchol and women” in the same sentence and they want his head on a plate because “these are not the values of the European Union”. Ah ah ah. Gosh, I’d like to know which are the values of the European Union. A fairy tale gone bad. I cannot stand with Renzi and Gentiloni and the italian leftists who, after positively selling the country, indebting it, blocking any euro-exit strategy – that would save us -, saying Salvini and Grillo are extremists because they want to drag us out of the euro, according to a honest report of Mediobanca, and in Italy they know what Mediobanca is, no, any real solution to our problems is out of the question, now they play the scandalized at Dijsselbloem, I believe I have an instinct for people who break the lefty conversation code. And the eurozone doesn’t work. Alcohol and women in the same sentence is daring, I mean, almost like alcohol and women in the same room. They have fun somewhere in Brussels. Gentiloni is too busy doing human traffic to spend time to solve the italian economic problems, if he could, but he can’t, because Salvini and Giorgia Meloni are right: we must exit the eurozone.

I don’t know whether Dijsselbloem is a mason, what I know is that the “EU values” are disgustingly freemasonry’s values and they are not mine. Political correctness, lies and giving the banks the possibility to destroy entire nations, while Draghi and italian who doesn’t say alcohol and women in the same sentence just gave billions of our euros to the banks again. No one is scandalized: the bank is gay.

Now to France, what’s really happening in France? I was wondering about how much of a traitor Valls must be to abandon the Socialist Party that he and Hollande ruined, and treating Hamon like this, I was engining an article in favour of voting Hamon, without damaging LePen and Fillon, I like to support people who are being fought against unjustly, then I was thinking “That idiot – of Valls ed.n. -, Macron is in second turn and he has to offend Hamon like this…it  …would be enough to support him – Hamon – at the first turn and then at the second he would be free to support Macron without damaging his Party…” and then a little  spark in my mind: Macron is not safe at the second turn, all the polls are fake like Hillary’s, they probably have other polls and if they do not support Macron at the first turn, with the socialist votes going to good Hamon and Fillon much stronger than the Ifop toilet paper polls say, Fillon and LePen go in finale round. This is what I thought. In any case, between Hamon and Macron, it is definitely more anti-establishment to vote Hamon, now that Valls the mason has thrown the mask, it means that the establishment fears a real socialist, like probably Hamon is, and wants to put the banker kid. If you have to choose between Hamon and Macron so, please, vote Hamon.

And now the third issue, after alcohol & women and the betrayal of a Prime Minister…almost like in a romance, a detective story, who are the judges who are hunting Fillon like this?

Give me a profile of the physical judges: ethnicity, nationality/ies, religion, political sympathies, masonic affiliation, why are they so “committed”, because they are, in stopping Fillon? I give you a very bad girl’s advice: Juden raus – no Jews in the group; like Hitler said. Form a group of police officers, judges, politicians, journalists, civil servants, lawyers everything to spy on these judges, to understand where they go, if they are invited in masonic lodges, in villas, at Rothschild’s if they are Israelis, jews, masons, jesuits, satanic – apropos have you seen the video of Angelina witch Jolie talking about her initiation ritual in the Illuminati? Disgusting, but now we know it’s real and tomorrow I’ll post it here, by now you can find it on youtube posted by David Icke in January or February of this year, so they exist and they are satanic – and unfortunately, I say it with all respect for Stanley Kubrik, a Jew who did the eye-opening Eyes Wide Shut and for Aaron Russo one of the most powerful whistleblower of all time, he also a Jew, but in this group you form in France there must be no Jews, only white christians, or atheists from christian families, because at the moment I am not in condition to distinguish between a Jew in good faith and a spy of the Israelis and we haven’t got time to be lost, Heider was killed probably when he trusted a Jew as a collaborator and he was instead a spy of the Israelis, moreover if the head of the dragon is in Israel a Jew may have the temptation to cover them up and the group must be solid, unbreakable and find me who these judges who are hunting Fillon really are and shame them, stop them, fight them, do something to re-clean the state of the Republic.

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