Dear Mr. Tusk, what happened is not your fault. But you must know it’s the EU that’s wrong.


Tim Barrow, establishment man delivers Brexit letter.

The photograph is of Tim Barrow, but the thought is for Mr. Donald Tusk. He’s saddened and what happened is not his fault. He warned, in that stubborn polish way, the EUrocrats to stop the refugee crisis, to repatriate the immigrants, state that the EU is christian and do not try to impose “compulsory migrant relocation quotas” to member states. He wasn’t sacked for he must have the shoulders protected, but the EUrocrats went on, calling everybody a racist, menacing sanctions if you don’t take how many refugees and migrants – all muslims – the EU wanted to impose to you, that the borders are “unbearable walls” against the human rights, they actually let understood that the EU was a banking system constructed on a very lefty set of concepts, with the exception of conceding the greek debt relief. What Mr. Tusk had told them, It happened. Brexit, Trump, people who want, who reclaim a revolution if the country doesn’t shut the borders and stops imposing third world immigration against the people’s will, the images from Greece and Italy pulled the trigger for the Brexit vote, in Austria Christian Kern does the same, pretty much, as Heinz-Christian Strache, in Holland to win and corner Wilders the center-right of Mark Rutte did the same “I do it, so you needn’t vote for Wilders”.

And now, an establishment man, Tim Barrow, not Nigel Farage, under request of the british Prime Minister, another establishment woman Theresa May, and with the seal of the super-establishment, the most establishment of them all, included Rothshcild, the Royals, delivers, in our place, the Brexit letter. It’s started and the EU is disintegrating.

There is a pleasure in seeing that it was The Queen of England, Theresa May and Sir Tim Barrow doing the brexit for the fishermen and the Farages and ukippers, because Britain wants to stay an elegant liberal democracy, and maybe wants to stay, in the core, western protestant, just like Austria, the catholic twin sister, that doesn’t “really” want to turn into muslim or better doesn’t want it “at all”. And why for? To see our liberties and standard of life diminishing drastically while at the EU they literally blabble of “human rights” and “compassion”. We’re not that stupid, you know.

The EU acted the wrong way, when David Cameron went to Brussels to discuss the re-assessment of some lines in the Treaties that would make the EU more efficient and less phoney, for example to keep the right of free movement at one’s expenses, for rich or well off people – you can go where you like, London or Frankfurt or Rome, but you must pay for it by yourself – and the right for rich and poor to get a job where they preferred – you can also get a job and settle there but you must sustain yourself with the wage – just scrapping the right to hang on the welfare state of another country before having worked and contributed to that welfare state, he also asked to close the borders of Greece and Italy to stop that vision of upcoming turkish and african invasion: he was derided and Merkel and Juncker, I don’t know why, boasted that “they’ll never leave”. I, and presumably also Mr. Tusk, never understood why they were so sure.

I watched the polls, for what they count, I never saw Remain so strong to give that guarantee to Merkel and Juncker and btw now we know that probably the real polls were more favourable to Brexit, what polls did Juncker and Merkel had to react like that?

I don’t even follow the french polls anymore for this reason, I don’t believe they’re really serious.

Mr. Tusk can sleep at night thinking that he would have saved it. Juncker, Merkel and other people we don’t even know the names of botched it. Now they insist with the immigration compact, the most hated way to “substitute” the hated by the EU white christians with nice black muslims. Kern doesn’t want to lose. The EU is over. Thanks Gentiloni, thanks NGOs, thanks human traffickers and globalists of all the world. And fuck off.

If the whites were so easy to break, they wouldn’t reach the position they reached in the world in 2016, with three continents and a half instead of one.

I love Strache, but also Kern is doing well.

What a pleasure was to see you, Mr Barrow.

I must admit now, that though I had wanted Andrea Leadsom Prime Minister and Nigel Farage permanent british ambassador to the EU, like this is even better, the establishment did it for and with us, and everything is kind of silent, unquestionable, democratic. Good. Perfect.

The Establishment is working for us.

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