The war of the Polls, new Gov survey gives Fillon with 58% of the preferences (???) tipped to win really French Presidential elections, other polls give Macron et LePen both at 26%, another LePen at 34%. Everybody says what they like.

After the war of the Roses and the Lord of the Rings, now we’ve got the war of the polls. The data given are absolutely not compatible under any form of honest survey: someone is lying big.

Look at this, a Gov survey gives François Fillon with 58% of the preferences and tipped to be in the second round and to win the presidency, all this while Ifop and Opinionway give him at 18% or 20%, it’s too big the gap, definitely someone is lying with these surveys, not to mention the “secret” survey that gave Marine LePen at 34% of the preferences and not at 26% head to head with Macron.

Screenshot I give you the link to the source.

Now I have a theory about it, as you can see the result of this survey was dated 21 March and on the same day Ifop and Opionway gave totally different numbers, we are at the war of the truths, but I can believe that the French want Fillon. Do you know why? Macron is another socialist in disguise and the French, unlike Rothschild, do not want another socialist for other not four, but five years. Moreover the move of the voters is to shift towards the Right, as in Holland and in Germany yesterday in Saarland, even if AfD and Wilders, or even the NPD didn’t “win” technically the elections the Socialist parties have seen their votes dropping drastically because they are seen as the pro immigrants and pro LGBT candidates, so the move to the Right doesn’t reach the NPD or reaches just with a couple of points Wilders, but is cashed in by the big white centrist parties, so the CDU yesterday in Saarland was given at an astonishing 40% plus something after the comma, while Schulz’s socialists, like the eurogroup’s head’s Dijsselbloem’s socialists in Holland have dropped. People like the Centre-Right and all the effort we are doing to convince them to vote Hard-Right, me for the first, is useful to detach them from the Left but, they kind of stop inside the christian centre right. For us it’s still ok. But who’s lying? Because someone’s lying clearly. So, maybe Fillon will be President just as Mark Blyth forecast. At that point we should ask Prof. Blyth if he’s into some sort of magic knowledge or if he’s just the one who doesn’t lie and doesn’t give invented numbers.

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