Dear Readers, before this website collapses: do not give any money to, I did the upgrade and now I’m losing the money, the editor is disappearing page after page. I believe they must give me the money back.

Paola gives some explanation before this thing collapses and honestly I want back my money. Or this website must be repaired.

The editor – the technical editor not me –  of this website is collapsing: all pages of have become blank, I cannot contact the help center, and this after paying the business plan for doing the upgrade, now I cannot even ask them to give me back my money and they must give me back the money or they are thieves and call them thieves. What’s up? The article about Gwyneth Paltrow’s sodomy? Don’t you use or if you do, use only the free plan but don’t give them money, they don’t deserve them. I hope they fail and close. If they do this to bloggers, imagine what they are doing to politicians. Vote far-right the same. All of you. Or Fillon.

I hate this Don’t use it, do me this favour abandon them and make them close completely they are not at the height of handling a publishing platform. We want freedom of speech. If they don’t believe in free speech or can’t contrast hacking, they’re not up to the job.

Now I give you two alternatives: either you repair this editing tool completely or I want back my money.

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