While Gwyneth Paltrow encourages anal sex, which thing not even all prostitutes do, but Gwyneth does, here’s a medical excerpt of the consequences of gay and anal sex. It’s all negative, homosexuality is an illness, get over it.


“The human body was not designed to accommodate anal intercourse.” This sentence by Dr. Eowyn says it all, I always felt homosexuality was a sort of illness, and the masculine lesbians claiming “I’m more man than a man” always sounded desperate to me.

The problem is not offending gays and lesbians uselessly, the problem is the attempt to deny reality, health, sacking honest doctors all done at a masonic Illuminati level. While we must defend honest doctors and honest doctors must never be sacked.

Here’s an excerpt of the medical consequences of gay and lesbian sex, with one of the worst of it all being precisely Gwyneth Paltrow’s anal.

Medical consequences of homosexual sexual behaviors

Read it, if you’re interested in something more important than an ex- actress in desperate search of another article about her on the MailOnLine.

Anal sex is so bad, not even all prostitutes “do anal”, Gwyneth does.

Homosexuality is basically an illness and even if homosexuals must not be judged to allow them impose gay weddings and censorship in their favour and even the emotional cruelty of gay adoption is evil. Stupid actresses and minor journalists would say anything to have a bit of money to go on living where they do, Belgravia?

But we must not allow them destroying our society, using children like objects, saying that children don’t need a mother not to offend the gays or that masculine lesbians are more men than men, they are hysterical and in a disease. Save society:

No to gay weddings;

No to gay adoptions;

No to experiments on human embryos;

No to womb for rent and no sperm donations.

Take care of your descendants if you have, don’t give away babies, eggs or sperm because it is your descendants and you must be held accountable for them.

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