I suggest the British Parliament go slow with this new rape law, Karma exists and God’s wrath too: you do like the Swedes you end up like the Swedes that first sent to jail innocent men and now have real gang rapes and cannot have real justice.

You know that I’m a christian and I do believe in God, in the God of Abraham God of Isaac God of Jacob, Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and I also believe He gave the Kabalah to a chosen  prophet of His. This website is not atheist: God exists and what they call Karma exists too. Do like the Swedes and you end up like the Swedes. Those arrogant people of the swedish feminists obtained a law about rape in Sweden that actually allowed women to send to jail any man that was alone in a room with them without any further evidence. They extended the definition of rape just to send to jail more men, they have hunted Julian Assange who only had a three days consensual sexual relationship with a  swedish woman who later on accused him of rape the only evidence being that they were in an apartment for three days, Assange actually fell from the apple tree when he was told he was sued for rape, and I believe him. The swedish feminists are men-haters and wanted to put men under the total control of women, everything was rape. Now they have real rapes.

I can remember my astonishment when years ago a norwegian feminist said that “scandinavian men are like the talibans (?) there’s no difference”. Now they have the real talibans, who gang rape them and are sentenced to a couple of months community service because they’re black. Scandinavian men were like the talibans you said, now you have the real talibans.

Do you know when I dreamt Saint Michael? I was educated as a catholic post Concilium which means they used to talk a lot about God’s grace and never about God’s justice, they even censored the Old Testament for the purpose, well I was very much of a believer and I believed the priests, because they were my spiritual fathers being my family catholic. I dreamt Saint Michael, when I saw him, in the dream, I’m not saying I had the vision like the ones who see Mary when they are awaken or this is what they say, but in the dream The Archangel told me not to give for granted that I would go to paradise, since there were possibilities that I could go to hell like anyone else and that God is somewhat “harder” than the priests tell us, I can’t remember precisely the word the Archangel used, but the meaning was kind of “harder”, I understood this. Then he told me another thing but I don’t want to tell it here.

Now God is just: do not make  a law that any woman can send to jail any man and the man has no possibility to defend himself.

I believe that what’s happening to swedish women is either karma or God’s wrath. Britain is a country that believes in God. And God is eternal and likes fair processes.

In Italy there is a saying that some people use when bad things happen to them: “everything I said came back to my face” which is the popular version of Jesus Christ’s teaching: “be careful about the words you say, because you’ll be judged by your own words”.

So everything is rape, it is real rape, the scandinavian men are like the talibans: here it is, these words of the swedish feminists actually “materialized”.

New swedish men: same ethnicity of the talibans and they really rape, are they the same as the ones you had twenty years ago? Without being a nazi, they don’t look and don’t act the same.


New “swedes” gang rape and are proud of it other than looking really like the talibans. The materialization of the swedish feminists’ words: “scandinavian men are like the talibans”

I believe in God and I am proud of it. The atheists they don’t know anything about the spirtual level and they convinced themselves that the spiritual level doesn’t exist.

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