Italy is back: according to IlGiornale the sovereinist alliance with Lega and FdI – my party – may even reach 50% of the votes and just govern. In France if LePen’s got really 34% of the votes adding 18% of Fillon it makes 52% and she won. It all depends on the republicans.


Italian patriots seemingly are taking over

I link this article from Il Giornale, the right-wing alliance, mine, Lega-FdI, I’d vote FdI but that’s not the point because they go in tandem, and a sovereinist right-wing party may even reach 50% of the votes and govern without any other concession and that’s hard right, we’ve got Italy back to the Italians. Grillo alone is at 30% but doesn’t want to make any alliances so it remains there. Italy is basically a very right wing country where the communist leftists managed to occupy too many places in the unelected roles, particularly the judiciary, this because the italian communist party made some young communists go to University and then placed them in the judiciary with the precise aim not to arrest them when they broke the law “for the – communist – cause” and to try and arrest their political enemies, which thing the bastards have done, but the people remain right-wing, back in 1994 Berlusconi’s party Forza Italia in Coalition with the hard right Lega and AN – which has now become FdI – reached an astonishing 60% of the seats in the Parliament and could do what they liked. If it is true the Left is fucked, but this time we must reform the judiciary and get rid of the communist judges. The communists – and I call them communists because they are such Gentiloni, Mogherini, Renzi – have damaged my country already enough. Like Rothschild/Mandelson/Blair in Britain and honestly, can you remember Lord Victor’s process? They are real communists too, don’t you fool yourselves with the words this is why they want the superstate communist-like EU and hate the liberal democratic state-nation that produced all the good things and high level standard of living that the EU and the eurozone have destroyed and that they liars as they are try to praise the EU for, whereas the EU destroyed all the mediterranean economies and that’s reality, with the declaration of today they can light the fire in the fireplace, if it is good for that.

Well, I hope this forecast is true.

As for France, if LePen’s got really 34% of the votes at the first round, no matter the lies, and Fillon’s got 18%, 34+18 makes 52. Like Trump and Brexit more or less, she’d win with 52% of the votes. It basically does not depend on the Left, it depends on the decision of the Republican voters at the second round. And Fillon may taste his revenge. Go LePen and go Republicans, so the Republicans can put Hollande, Rothschild and Macron back in their place, or they’ll never win again, because it is clear that the french communists did like the italians, filled the judiciary with comrades who do not serve France , they serve another cause. Do the right thing, vote LePen.

For us Italians it would be pure gold to have Salvini PM in Italy with LePen President in France we’d have a steely alliance with France. I detest isolation and I truly love Europe – not the EU -. We must win in both countries. Add Putin in Russia and Trump in the USA and the entire West should be saved. Back to us.


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