I have to defend Sadiq Khan: it’s not the muslims, it’s the Jews, also in Orly, the Israelis controlled the video-surveillance of the airport, as in Brussels the security, the Mossad does the attacks and puts the blame on the muslims.

PanamzaScreenshotCan you speak french? No? You should, you should to read this website Panamza.com, Orly airport had the video-surveillance handled by the Israelis as in Brussels airport the entire security was handled by israeli contractors when there was the terror attack, all this islamist terrorism is israeli false flag but too many people still shit in their pants not to accuse “the Jews”: if you’re white you’re a nazi and if you’re muslim you’re a terrorist, ok? Sadiq is well connected, and tries not to offend his own people. Spare me the rage. It’s dishonorable to accuse of a crime the wrong persons to defend “the Jews”. It’s the Jews the criminals, and you must only get over it and arrest them. And possibly declare war on Israel after abolishing the double nationality.

Source www.panamza.com

To all these friends of Israel around the West, I’d like to remind there’s something called honour. Fillon said “our values are the values of judaism” no our values are not the values of that Mossad bitch of Tzipi Livni who had sex like a prostitute “for Israel” with arab men to then kill them, black mail them & co. Our culture, ok, if it is Christ that binds you to Israel you’re on the wrong path, Christ, they don’t like him, you end me saying our pagan ancestors or the christians who kept the jews at distance had more brains and more guts than this generation. I just can’t see the europeans like this. I am antisemite and proud of it. I don’t care about the holocaust, we should all be against the Mossad and Israel, Hitler and Mussolini were human beings, the Jews are really compulsory liars and assassins and then play the victims. I would like to know what they did in the thirties to bring the europeans to hate them that much.

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