Jeroen Dijsselbloem

The man we are talking about today on the italian and I think also spanish newspapers is he, the head of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem, for a very rude response, raw,  to a Spanish parliamentarian who asked him about the interview in which he said that the EU South countries spend money on alcohol and women and then basically call for debt cancellation that the Netherlands and Germany do not want to do. The truth is that the euro does not work, it has never worked, that the countries of southern Europe should have never entered the eurozone and Dijsselbloem believed to be well covered by the crisis because the Netherlands was on the side of the fortress that makes the surplus, so he thought of being re-elected and re-elected Minister in the Rutte government, however, as they say the Afghan Whigs “resentment always goes much further than it was supposed to go” – see me, that I want to bomb Tel Aviv for what DeBenedetti and Rothschild are doing-

He lost, Dijsselbloem, for the migrants, as a Socialist he didn’t feel like limiting the number while everyone else promised to limit the number or send back home the ones already in Holland going all after Wilders, without banning the Koran maybe, which is understood was also liked by certain immigrants already in the Netherlands because the immigration numbers thanks to the refugee crisis seemed crazy; add Erdogan threatening to send more and even asked the Turks to extra-reproduce themselves, always in the Netherlands, do you want that no one had wanted to vote for the Socialists.

Erdogan is strange, but in Europe the situation seems strange in a mirror-image: why is it Erdogan that should “send or not send” the, pardon the expression, fucked migrants? That no one can bear anymore neither dead nor alive. Fucking migrants who, once there, they begin saying that they will make your ass, that local women are whores etc. Who protects them? The socialists. Ergo everyone votes for someone else. Macron in France had to make another party in four minutes to make it seem he’s not a socialist, with that brand would come to 2-5%. Like Dijsselbloem. Wherever really he is now, Macron, with real polls saying one thing and the fake another. I hope Fillon and LePen to pass in the final round and then Lepen to win. But never mind, actually the refugee crisis is the daughter of the euro crisis, everyone knows that Greece is obliged by certain people in Brussels to take the migrants and that this is a secret pact wanted by Mason-globalists to concede the useless bailout, this is the rumour, the useless bailout being just, Blyth says, a transfer of money from EU countries to Greece and then passed back from Greece to creditor banks by 80%. Greece and Italy are in no way obliged to take all of those who leave Africa and Asia, but only pretend to have this duty because they are in the hands of the Masons and are enslaved by the euro and the spread, so in the end the socialists who are at the root of the problem lost: it’s almost justice.

But there is no cause for rejoicing, in fact Greece and Italy and Spain in addition to not having to join the euro should come out of it and the critics of Dijsselbloem criticize him, but then do not ever want us to leave the euro: it is as if they wanted to remain in the meat grinder or leave Italy in it. In Italy the last Berlusconi government wanted us to leave the euro and was blocked by Brussels, Merkel, Sarkozy, that other idiot who also bombed Libya, by that traitor of Mario Draghi, it is also right that they lose.

The Europe of peace and love of the Boldrini, sickening like a moldy jam, trying to be gentle and kind and yet it is poisonous, or Mason-judges or Israeli Jew Carlo DeBenedetti and his stupid pro Renzi newspapers that criticize Dijsselbloem but then want to keep us in the eurozone – and why don’t you take it in Tel Aviv the euro and the spread then? together with migrants? – well that Europe is already over. I have the impression that in Rome they will riot.

So let us leave. Fuck.

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