The real poll: Marine Lepen 34% at the first turn. So, ParisMatch, Ifop all Luegenpresse? Ja.

Adolf Hitler deserves a better treatment than the he has been given till now. Can you remember when he warned us that the jewish owned media was Lügenpresse actually the lying-press? Actually it’s true, they lie. Rothschilds and jewish owned media do lie as if it were normal. Marine LePen is winning with 34% of the votes at the first turn, the lügenpresse says she’s head to head with Macron 26.5% each. Shame on you Paris Match, I suspect that the Rothschilds want to rig the elections after rigging the polls, an election basically already rigged by the judges who do use the processes to block Fillon, there should be an outraged uproar among the French for this.

When Hitler rose to power the Jews controlled half of the german media and up to 70% of the judges, I would like to know how many judges in Italy and France are jews and or israelis and how many masons. I am antisemite, I have lost the brake. I am convinced it is true. Also in Italy the judges do the opposite of the italian interests as if they didn’t belong to Italy, they prohibit the repatriation of the clandestine immigrants, punish the italians but not the immigrants for the crimes, lately Catania judges didn’t condemn two human traffickers because “they were forced to do human traffic by the circumstances” and now I want to know how many fucking jews there are among the judges in my country, and how many masons. God, if I want Tel Aviv to be bombed.


Also infowars is jewish Lügenpresse.

by Maurizio Blondet March 22, 2017
We have the official surveys, which give the victory to Macron. Then there are surveys that circulate “sous le manteau”, under the cloak, which give 34% to Marine Le Pen in the first round. So spoke Le Figaro, the journalist Ivan Riufol. With that percentage, it is no longer so sure that a “moderate” beat the opponent on the ballot.

The Maginot Line of the politically correct elites is failing,” chuckles the journalist, listing a certain amount of intellectuals and celebrities progressives who have sworn, if he wins the Le Pen, to emigrate, take the first plane for Switzerland: oaths and threats likely to excite other people to vote for the candidate of the National Front, hoping that the claims they really go.

The development followed with great interest by Trump and his circle, who need a sovereignist victory in Europe in anti-Merkel function, and find a bank in the neo-protectionist and anti-euro project.

Yes, Trump has really been intercepted.
Trump complained that Obama had put under listening to telephone communications at Trump Tower during the campaign, very serious crime. There followed days of newspaper mockery of attacking the political opponents of furious denials from the CIA and British intelligence (Obama would ask that they do that favor), offended in their virtues and high morality.

After a week and more of media’s and politicians’ deride, indeed attack Trump for its release; two days later by the FBI chief Comey, he has denied the accusations have the minimum foundation, during a parliamentary hearing – that’s Devin Nunes, President of the Commission of the Lower House Intelligencer, admits to the press: yes, the “community intelligence “collected” accidentally “calls and messages. Yes, “members of the transition team of Donal Trump, Trump and possibly himself, were under surveillance during the Obama administration after the November election.” They were “monitored” but during a “incidental collection of data”. But it was all “legal.”

Trump said he “feels vindicated in some way.”

Yes, Trump has shaken hands with Merkel
The media falsehood stands out once again from an episode apparently secondary during the visit of Chancellor at the White House, they have written and repeated that Trump was “cold,” and he “refused to shake hands with Angela Merkel.”

In fact, this is how Trump welcomed Merkel on White House door


And as he shook hands after the press conference:


A true gentleman. He only refused at the request of reporters to pretend a third handshake in the Oval Office. Why do the media do so? They spoke of an “uncomfortable” narrow Trump handshake with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, an “awkward handshake” with the Canadian Trudeau – to describe it as a rude crude, unsuited to the function.



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