Let’s talk about Reality: Fillon’s rallies are full and Macron gets heckled by the Mayors and the “polls” give numbers that don’t match, unless they are “under the cloak”. The Republicans and FN better watch carefully on election day, I wouldn’t like the same people who rig the polls to try and rig also the real elections.

Macron HECKLED during HOSTILE mayors meeting in MAJOR boost for Marine Le Pen

FRENCH presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron took a hammering from a crowd of mayors as they voiced their disgust at his public spending proposals.FrenchPresidentialrace

Democracy must be defended, to give on purpose fake polls must be punished legally because the polls have an emotional effect on the people and on the candidates. Now Fillon’s rallies are full and Macron gets heckled, the under the cloak polls give Marine LePen at 34% but all the “official ones” give her 26% or maximum 27% and show Macron as successful, but you don’t see all this success by other signals.

I’m afraid the people who push Macron and show fake polls and moved the judges against Fillon may try, wicked as they are, to rig also the real elections. Both Republicans and the Front National must be very careful to watch and control on election day, and please help one another, you’re all Right-wingers and Patriots. Be careful, we may have a big surprise, a positive one.



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