I don’t believe a single word of this: ISIS claims responsibility for London attack through an ISIS spokeperson of the ISIS news ageny “Amaq”. I would like to know who are these people of the ISIS news agency Amaq… | Daily Mail Online

I am a bit sceptical; ISIS news agency – that already sounds made in Hollywood – Amaq claims responsibility, showing they are bare bottomed in fact they haven’t got guns and explosive anymore a car and a kitchen knife it’s all they have. That’s good, ISIS is short of money.

Add that we don’t know whether the terrorist-attacker was shot a) by a Met Officer on duty; b) by Sir Fallon’s bodyguard, and who is him? And why didn’t he shoot to the legs to be able to interrogate the attacker? What’s this shooting to kill a man armed with a knife?

And now?

Apart from everything, may I know how these people really call themselves? What’s this ISIS? Do they call themselves ISIS or ISIL or Amaq or what else? Why don’t they have a definite arabic name?

You know what I think, I think it’s Israel that pretends to be islamic terrorists, investigate on this strange bodyguard of Fallon’s. Who is he? Ethnicity, nationality/ies etc. And why did he shoot to kill? We want clarity and interrogations: a man with a knife can be immobilized, shot at the legs and then interrogated, he hasn’t got any gun machine in his hands that he has to be killed on the ground. I believe it’s the Israelis I told you, and this Amaq ISIS news agency must be a scam everybody can see it’s fake and it’s about time they tell us the truth.

ISIS claimed a ‘soldier of the Islamic State’ carried out the atrocity in which British-born Khalid Masood ploughed a car through crowds near Parliament yesterday afternoon.

Source: London terror attack: ISIS claims responsibility | Daily Mail Online

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