Proven Evidence that the EU is Soviet Union applied to Western Europe, and please stop callin the EU “Europe” you know you’re lying. Russian Stalinist who invented Europe – POLITICO

Alexandre Kojève was one of the architects of what is now the EU — and may have been a spy for the Kremlin.

I rarely quote Politico, but certainly I quote it when it says I’m right. Ah ah ah, so Mogherini young communists, and co. it’s basically saying like father like daughter: the fathers were, they were real communists and this is why the EU is anti-democratic and economically anti-meritocratic and it is economically collapsing. They are happy because Marine LePen is not against the Euro anymore? Marine is too clever  – and too honest – for the average french voter, she’s not going to destroy herself for them, the imbeciles who do not understand that the eurozone is a trick against the southern states – France included -. Imbeciles, she has to lie like Macron to convince you? I like Marine, she knows what she’s talking about when she talks about the EU she was there for how many? five years? I don’t know. But now I want to talk about Djisselbloem and the “scandal” he stirred, the problem is much bigger and deeper than the nice Dutch eurogroup head says, well he didn’t sell his country to the EU, he wants his country to thrive and make business and make money in the EU, Gentiloni, Prodi, Renzi instead have sold Italy to the EU, obviously they don’t care, if they cared Italy wouldn’t be self destroying like this, Italy simply shouldn’t have signed the Lisbon and the Maastricht Treaties, that’s it, when the italian politicians signed them, they knew they were selling the country. If he, Djisselbloem, wants to do me a favour, get out of the EU and re-connect in a tariff-free zone with the UK, Scandinavia and Germany, I always hoped the “strongest” would put an end to this Kremlin experiment that’s ending up in poverty for the South, Gentiloni being just too much of a coward and a human trafficker like Renzi to do anything good for Italy and apropos of human trafficking, do me also the favour to be tough on the migrants: do not take them to Holland, it is proven that the Frontex and the lefty NGOs ships take them in front of Libya and skip two safe ports to bring them to Gentiloni and Gentiloni knows it and agrees with it, Jeroen, your party has lost a lot of votes to the Right for Gentiloni’s “refugee crisis” the italian lefty media go on saying the lie that they were rescued in the Strict od Sicily against all evidences, the satellite images that show they are taken in front of Libya, don’t take them because they lie and if you take them they  go on since they are human traffickers hanging on the orders of a freemasonry that in its own words “wants to wipe white culture from earth” that means you, and also me, so we must be allied, Gentiloni doesn’t give a damn, I want to see if they stop not being given the immigration compact, they are masons and communists and they lie continuously; please split and go attaching Dutch economy to Brexit togther with the others.

I always liked Djisselbloem, after all.

Source: Russian Stalinist who invented Europe – POLITICO

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