London “terror” attack incredible coverage as if there had been a bomb: a “knifeman” attempted to “storm” the Houses of Parliament. Aren’t they ashamed of anything? What do they want to obtain with this no guns no bomb knife attack?

A knife attack is an aggression not terrorism, to do terrorism you need bombs, explosive, at least gun machines. No, the coverage is impressive, “gun shooting in front of Parliament”, but the only people who had guns were the police officers, the attacker had a knife and stop. It’s an aggression and it has to be called aggression, what else could he do with a knife? According to the incredible coverage – because they want less asian immigrants – of the he the knifeman wanted precisely to “storm” the Houses of Parliament. Which thing with a knife couldn’t storm. More interesting the use of the truck, that’s more deadly than the knife, I know knives can hurt and also kill, but that’s called a) homicide; b) aggression. I’m afraid it’s not terrorism, no matter if the jewish Rita Katz says the man shouted on internet Allah Akbar or if the official ISIS telegram account says “It’s we” ’cause ISIS is Israel. I bet ten pounds it’s israeli false flag to make people “endure what they endure in Israel”, because lately Netanyahu gave orders to the israeli police to shoot the palestinians who hold knives and even scissors. I just want the truth to come out. What the fuck do they want to obtain with this? I also want no mass immigration like the, but I don’t like the israelization of society. Look at the image the homepage of for a car incident and a knife aggression


Promise in front of yourself that if it’s an israeli you won’t cover him up. 9/11 was real terrorism and it was jewish terrorism covered up as islamist terrorism, just like Charlie Hebdo attack, and you who love London so much, have the “courage of the Truth” like poor Fillon said but try not to end up like Fillon. People must be informed that jewish terrorism exists and it is always masked as islamist terrorism and when Rita Katz says she found out an islamist rivindication on internet it is 100% jewish terrorism masked as muslim. And when the “official” ISIS accounts of ISIS & Co. say “it’s we the muslim terrorists” it’s Israel, again.

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