I can say it, and I hope after me many other people will say it: if Israel really wants the war with Russia-Iran-Syria they deserve having the war on israeli soil and the Knesset bombed, not in Eastern Europe and Warsaw bombed.



This Link from the Telegraph is another anti Trump-Putin alliance article.

The Israelis, mainly the israeli americans incrusted in the american deep state like Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland, helped by the jewish-led anglo-freemasonry topped by Lord Rothschild like an icecream with chocolate, insist that they want the war with Putin and Iran. But where? Honestly, the location of this war is unacceptable: Eastern Europe – what bastards – and Nordic Europe – Sweden. No. With all the antipathy I may have for Tusk, if Israel wants the war against Iran-Syria and Russia, Israel must have it on its soil and it’s the Knesset that must be bombed with the Bomb H, not Warsaw’s palaces. And the Britons? If they go on helping the Jews like this, they deserve being bombed in Britain. Though I love Britain, ok I like it, they are on the war-monger mode to please the jewish lobby and Lord Rothschild, then it’s USA, Israel and Britain that must be bombed, not always Middle Eastern countries and now poor Eastern Europe or even Sweden. Kagan and Nuland, the israeli “hawks with other people’s skin” want it? Netanyahu wants it? Bomb them then. That’s basic justice.

I tell you something: if they really managed to get rid of Trump they’d miss him. Because they’d have a war against Russia – Iran and Syria really. And Kagan and Nuland may hide in their bunkers, but all the arab countries around Israel, plus Russia and Iran at a certain point they must bomb Tel Aviv. And if the Britons go on doing the war-mongers also London. Personally I thought Italy should declare war on Israel for the refugee crisis is being brought about strictly by israeli nationals the suspicion is they are helped by the israeli government. There are israeli government funded “charities” that welcome refugees in other people’s countries and not in their own. They deserve being punished, I don’t see why we should take the bombs – or the immigrants – in their place.

Nuke the Knesset and the Mossad Headquarter, so we get rid of the head of the Dragon. As for the “other” illuminati, the catholics, I don’t want to bomb Rome, but the Vatican must be evacuated and the illuminati criminals will have to be shot one by one. Don’t touch the Colosseum.

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