Ok, I write this not to have remorses on: the Dark Stories on the Internet are that the Illuminati want to kill Prince William to offer him as a sacrifce to their demons to stop Brexit. Can’t you lock him somewhere surrounded by Loyalists until this Brexit thing is done? 8 days till the dawn. Couldn’t she do it on the 23rd? She wants us to sweat.


Prince William was always at the center of speculations about the “Illuminati” but his mother was killed in Paris…

I have the impression that Theresa May is offering the last appeasing thing to the remoaners: she’ll trigger Article 50 on the 29th of March, exactly just 2 days before Article 50 changes and to exit from the EU a new clause is activated that the EU member states – included Poland, the little hyena – have to give consent to the divorce, you can’t just walk away. Couldn’t she trigger it kind of tomorrow? Or on the 23rd? She has to have us sweating.

But the Illuminati according to the anonymous experts of Illuminati on the web want not my head, but Prince William’s head to allegedly offer him to some demons they worship instead of God to have in change that Brexit is not done.

According to this dark magic that these perverts are rumoured to practise instead of religion, the more powerful, important and public the victim is the more in change they can get from the chosen demon they offer him to.

Now William is deemed big enough maybe the only head big enough to have in change to stop Brexit. Don’t you ask me “why not Camilla?” I’m not Illuminati.

Now, lock the Prince somewhere until the day after, surrounded by security men loyal to him and to the UK. How long is it to last this trip to Paris? Precisely Paris. Bring him back to Britain, do me this favour.

I’m not an expert, but the 29 is too late in the month, why not now? And if something goes wrong? If there is a strike? It’s like we have to sweat this Brexit thing until the last day, the last minute, the last drop.

Have you seen Marine LePen? She’s kind. To the Brexiteers. I hope the French choose well. Beware the 29th of March. Lock him somewhere for maximum security, come on.


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