From Freeword And Friends Italia: Grillo or the Joker and how the italian establishment intends to use him.



Beppe Grillo is tolerated by the establishment because they want to blame him for the failure of the country at the last moment.
You will know by now that I cheer Salvini-Meloni-Center Right, even if it doesn’t seem appropriate to me to call the coalition of center-right “The Italians First” as proposed by Salvini because that for a center-right party is granted, it can always be called House of Freedom, it will be again Forza Italia-League-FdI instead of AN, with Salvini in the place of Fini – hoping he will not go crazy, leaving his wife for a blonde with strange behaviors and selling off properties of the Party, so Bossi would really kill him and in Pontida he would be beaten – even Fini, had there been the MSI would have been beaten, but the MSI Fini had closed it in time -. Now, giving the benefit of doubt to Salvini to do a better dolphin than Fini and not to sell houses, the House of Freedoms has already won twice and can win three times indeed, the winning name will not change, the problem is not that. And then a coalition of center-right must have a name with the suit, not a stadium name. Closing parenthesis and focussing on the other, on Grillo, what does the “Italian” Establishment do with Grillo? They want to keep him as last card to be able to blame him when the euro will shut the country down.

Bad people, right?

This is revealed by an analysis by Maurizio Blondet, that everyone reads and only I and a few others mention.

According to Blondet, the Democratic Party is splitting up for miserable reasons: as much as Mediobanca gave the same report of Marine Lepen and Nigel Farage on the Euro, which is that the euro gives the italian economy just four years life, four years when the report was published now we have already scaled down to three years and eight months, and when the time x comes the economy collapses completely as in Greece, what does the establishment do, then?

It is preparing to leave the euro, my little readers will say. No, it places his small party the Democratic Party at the opposition to blame Grillo 5 minutes before the crash.

Leaving the euro? pof! when ever, that according to some of the “establishment”‘s morons we would do it if we were British, but we are not like England and therefore the richest in Italy only think about putting away their oxen, which they took off, probably to Switzerland because it’s full of pastures, forcing the other Italians to stay in the eurozone until the euro collapses, to make Grillo win and send the sacred PD at the opposition the day before the official figure and say “see what Grillo did? I’m leaving the country. ” LIKE BADOGLIO.

Badoglio bis.

So, sorry, but since to you it does not matter and to us it does, why can’t we go to the elections and have Grillo or Berlusconi-Salvini-Meloni winning right away? What does it cost you to give us a chance? We that the country we want to save it? Ah, but we are the fascists and the populists etc. In fact I put the Altar of the Fatherland with the tricolor arrows as an icon of this site, showing that it is evidently true that we are fascists and populist & Co.

There you see Beretta losing money? I do not, they want to leave us with the bottom on the ground as the wealthy Argentines have done with the other Argentines: knowing that the Argentine economy would collapse, made inquiry for the time they have taken their money off the country the day before the crash and have left the other Argentines with no money. This is what the wealthy Italians intend to do with us, otherwise they would leave Grillo or Salvini govern now, and we would be preparing to leave the euro and even the EU, but they do not, they think to place Miss Boldrini in power, one that would give the council housings of the Italian homeless, without pay and without pension, the so called “esodati”, to illegal immigrants that her party and the Democratic party, firmly in the hands of an Israeli – Carlo DeBenedetti – bring. They should be shot. But not with Beretta guns, if the Italian rich ones go away and we win, we re-assign all state-contracts. FIAT included. Now I hate them. The only Italian millionaire who cares about the country is Berlusconi and you see how they treat him, he and Tremonti would have taken us out of the euro before the crisis, but the EU, the judges, the Freemasons, the Enlightened and the Switched off blocked them, arrested them, intimidated them, condemned them.

Now the euro gives the country three years life: it is like a cancer. It ‘a terminal illness that gives three years of suffering life and then … the coup, most importantly with the country full of illegal immigrants that the Israeli lobby that claims to be left in this country seeks to ban repatriate. I hate Israel because I hate Rothschild and DeBenedetti and everything they have done. Force Assad. I hope that Assad bombs Tel Aviv.

Assad we are all with you.

From Italy with love325016-thumb-full-02062016freccetricolori

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