Bombed“…Unidentified planes raided a mosque in western Aleppo province at the time of prayer. ” It is in “Le Soir” but there is a small error, just a little mistake, the aircraft are identified and it’s not an international coalition led by the United States, it’s israeli air force that bombed Syria independently, while the organized Jews around the world try to put the blame on the United States and/or the West. Israel is not the West, I’m against the double nationality and I hope Syria wins. Israel bombed the mosque and all the Jews at the White House try to protect them from the general despise – unsuccessfully -.
What’s really happening is this: Israel desperately wants a war with Islam to be able to have the approval of the western world on the plan to demolish Al Aqsa mosque to then build on the same site the jewish temple, since the others don’t give them permission they have organized through freemasonry the invasion of the christian West by muslim people, mainly men, then organize terror attacks like in Paris with the help of masons President and PM like Hollande and Valls and then through the neocons, the fucking Kagan family et similia, push the americans in a war against muslim countries, they bombed the mosques at the time of the prayer and they did it on purpose, they did it also in Gaza, where they used phosphorus bombs – which are illegal and the Israelis wanted to take down youtube videos that showed the effect of the phosphorus bombs on children for “antisemitism” – and did bomb at the time of the prayer because they wanted precisely to kill people, so the Mosque would be full – it must be clear once and for all: the Israelis are evil, ok?  – so since they don’t want to be bombed in change they usually use the israeli double nationals in Washington to put the blame on the “West” or the other americans, also Infowars has got as a true aim to divert the attention from the Mossad and the action of the israeli double nationals to put the blame on “America” the “CIA”, the USA etc.

They also created ISIS and devastated Libya, with the help of Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Exit strategy:

  1. Abolish the dual nationality.
  2. Leave Syria to Assad and condemn israeli incursion as invasion. Do not allow them to demolish Al Aqsa mosque.

Remember that the jewish lobby is falsely divided between lefty marxist jews and israeli neocons, in reality the lefty marxists with the excuse of the Holocaust and welcoming refugees accused Trump of being “antisemite” at the same time the jewish neocons filled Trump’s administration of their own men – all this while Trump was accused of antisemitism by the lefty Jews – to push for new wars in the Middle East and for giving american taxpayers’ money to Israel, their division is all staged, also the majority of the “lefty” marxist Jews are Israelis.

Stop them and punish them for what they’re doing.

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