Osborne’s London Evening Standard looks like it was written 2 years ago and never refreshed: people are still against Brexit because “it’s racist” Michael Gove praises “diversity” and it is against Trump. While we are much beyond this and focusing on Marine LePen at the Elysée’s option.

LondonEveningStandard2I took a glance at the London Evening Standard’s homepage to see how Osborne was doing and it was boring beyond belief and even looked outdated: I mean, Brexit happened and the Queen has already signed the brexit bill, if people are really chanting that they don’t want Brexit in the street of London “because it’s racist” I’m almost sorry for them it’s a jump in the past, we are already discussing the possibility of putting Marine LePen at the Elysée, the whole thing looks printed kind of two years ago and never refreshed, also the tentativeness with which Michael Gove discusses the impact of immigration on schools though he praises “diversity” seems old, we are much beyond this, as Peter Thiel said, globalization seems a concept of the past, no one wants it, and no one would call a new firm putting the word “global” in the name it would seem like you had remained mentally at 2005.

Brexit is given, as a concept and politically, and to stay in the single market wouldn’t make sense if you want to be freed from all of Brussels’ rulings, the single market still stinks of globalization, with good peace for Heseltine.

An expert of the now and able to calculate the possibilities for the future, Mark Blyth that I often quote, said that the entire EU will probably close before the Brexit talks are even finished, in France the globalists are trying to impose Macron with any means for the purpose to avoid this, but I don’t think that Macron could save the eurozone, no one can, because the eurozone was evily engined precisely to generate crisis on purpose ’cause the Brussels and ECB bosses wanted to see if they could do the NWO by crisis. It didn’t work by luck and by luck we are now trying to have Marine LePen as President of France: all that talk about racism related to Brexit is so old. Theresa May wants the Brexit Day as an independence day? That’s good. She’s in the future. The liberal democratic nation-state is in the future: the bad ones are losing, like in the movies.

As an Italian I look at Australia, Switzerland and post Brexit Britain as an example to follow, certainly not at the big, stiff, dusty EU. Marine LePen is more up to date than Osborne, the lefty rally looks taken from the seventies, that’s not our future, we want independent liberal nation states allied and connected but independent, as for racism if people feel bad at ease in their own skin the others haven’t got to pay any taxes for it.

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