Orly Terror Attack, another show of Valls’ and Hollande’s incompetence. While Macron would just continue their non-work, Fillon is blocked by the “Justice” because a friend gave him a suit as a present – I’m not joking – the only safety car for France seems to be the LePen Family.


I’d give Marine LePen the chance to show that she can put France back in order really. In four years she won’t do any “holocaust” and people may like her.

Another terror attack in France. I’ll put it back to politics soon; it’s definitely Hollande’s Valls’ and that imbecile of interior minister Cazeneuve’s fault. In Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain it’s not like this: these things don’t happen, it’s definetely this pudding, lefty so called “government”‘s fault; I mean, it’s like Hollande and Valls are there at the Elysée on holiday; it cannot be justified with bad luck that all these terror attacks are happening regularly to France and regularly since there are these socialists at the government.

But to hope that Macron is different would be a giant visual mistake, while the trick is that the socialist candidate is Hamon who’s not there to win really, he’s there just to dupe the people into believing the fairy tale that “Macron is an independent centrist” while Macron is the real socialist candidate, socialist of the banks and of the Saudi Arabians, nothing to do with the workers whatsoever, Fillon and the Republicans would be much more trustworthy about security, certainly more than the “Hollande-Valls-Cazeneuve- Macron” team and they would probably handle to keep France safe, but the so-called “Justice” is blocking Fillon because a friend gave him a suit as a present. Yes, a suit, and they opened another process for corruption. The only safety car for France seems to be the LePen family. How much would you trust Macron who takes money from Saudi Arabians in the fight against muslim terrorism? – if it is muslim – and if it is, as some muslims and not only muslims say, the Mossad? He takes support from the Rothschild bankers too who’ll protect the Jews and the Israelis from any enquiry about them. You don’t even exist for Macron “french culture doesn’t exist” he said. In the meantime the Jews have obtained more security measures. But only for their ghetto, after despising people who wanted to vote LePen who wants security measures for all the nation..

The Le Pen family is trustworthy. I’d vote them.

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