Emmanuel Macron: “French culture does not exist”. While Emmanuel Macron goes into full NWO mode, Fillon’s process gets embarrassing and at end the best thing the French can do is to really vote LePen. And I mean it.


Emmanuel Macron financed by the israeli Rothschilds and Saudi Arabians tells the French “French culture does not exist”

Emmanuel Macron is more embarrassing than ever, he’s playing the full NWO candidate, he even said: “French culture does not exist”, “You cannot reduce it to a lineage, a religion, a word – which means a language ed.notes -” then he goes on against the people who refuse the “ones who are not like them”. If you think that these assertions come from a man who takes money and support – strong support – by the Rothschilds who are zionists and israeli nationals and by the Saudi Arabians you understand why it is about time people vote LePen massively….Why doesn’t he tell the Israelis or the Saudis? And do his bosses apply these principles to themselves and the other israeli or saudi nationals? Or does he just take the money and shuts up, offending the French on behalf of foreigners and half foreigners while the judges keep Fillon busy? What are we talking about? Oh sure, antisemitism and racism. The honest Jews and muslims must protect themselves because anti-semitism and anti-zionism, given the political actions of some Israelis around the world, there will be more.

All this is happening while the “best candidate” Fillon, who wanted to defend french culture, is teased and humiliated by the judges for a process that looks strange. Excuse me if I tell you, but if you have to process people for giving jobs in the public sector to one’s children why don’t you just make it illegal? because like this this kind of process is like a sword of Damocles, it can happen at any time and obviously it will happen during the electoral campaign… make it illegal to hire relatives and stop. Lately Fillon was accused that his children deposited some money on their parents bank account, well I did it too, my father asked me and I deposited some money on his account, the impression is that they are keeping Fillon embarrassingly busy to push a smelly fish like Macron who could win telling the french in the face “French culture does not exist” and taking money and support from – sic – the zionist Rothschilds who want an ethno-state in Israel.

At this point either Fillon’s process stops or the best thing the French can do is to really vote LePen, because “French culture does not exist” is offensive beyond acceptable. Let the leftists get caught in their own net.

French culture exists: vote LePen

Oh so french…

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