Can you spot what the french lefty media are doing with Macron? They even show his photograph more coloroured than the others that look grey. This is Paris Match, moreover they do not talk about the scandal that he gave taxpayers’ funded job to his supporter Bolloré without a tender the way they did with Fillon.

Look at this photograph; why everybody looks grey but Macron?


This is Paris Match; other than trying to make him look fresher and more coloured than the others, don’t you believe it is natural, the other photographs are vired to grey, particularly LePen’s, while in his the colours are augmented, they do not play the scandalized at the fact that his Ministry gave taxpayers’ funded job to Havas, Yannick Bolloré’s firm and Yannick Bolloré is his political supporter, who’s the owner of all these lefty media who color Macron and de-color Marine? Hey, french Right, is there a Rightwing media in France? Wake up or this dandy will kill you, lately Valls and the socialists said they support him, thanks a lot, he is another socialist candidate in disguise, if you vote him you vote for the collapse to go on and be unmanageable…resisting my arrogant temptation to call Macron’s voters…let’s say “silly”.

But there is a good news, it is this one: the French are waking up to the fact that they cannot be bullied into voting what they don’t want to vote, latest poll of the final duel, Marine IS risingLePenM

Very well, unless Rothschild wants to kill LePen… I’m glad that the French are reacting to the attempt to impose the president.

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