Bad & Good news: bad for Holland and the EU, but good for Britain.

Good news for Britain, the Queen signed the Brexit Bill, Britain about to leave the NWO, but Holland, Italy not to mention Greece…look at what’s happening inside the EU-NWO

Greece: greek families, poverty hit by the crisis and the EU-Eurozone induced hard austerity measures, forced to leave their own children in State run houses as if they were orphans ’cause they can’t provide for them anymore. This is your EU, Macron, Gentiloni, Rutte etc….Wilders was better.

As for Italy and France we must face reality: they are simply not democracies anymore, they are judicial dictatorships, the judges, pardon the “unelected judges” in Italy blocked the bill for the quick repatriation of failed asylum seekers, leaving failed asylum seekers at italian taxpayers’ expenses for the time of a three degrees process, and in France the “unelected judges” again are arbitrarily destroying Fillon’s bid to Presidency. I despise the judges and I do, between this judicial coup, because it is a judicial coup and the military coup, I’d prefer the latter. The EU – NWO disgusts me, but I’m happy for the Britons. Britain seems to be the only democracy left in Europe, the rest is already NWO. Thanks Rutte, thanks Gentiloni, thanks Varoufakis and finally thanks “unelected judges” – pardon, “fucking” “unelected judges” – this is your EU, not mine I want out and I want to do like Britain. Or Switzerland or Australia, the liberal democracies. God help us.

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