Youtube refuses to take down this David Duke’s video accused of antisemitism, now, while the youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki has jewish orgins a lot of idiot goy “rightwingers” cry that it should be taken down…for antisemitism, I can’t stand them, till the point I’m wondering whether to abandon them and change life.

Up the incriminated video, David Duke who quotes jewish suprematists who state nonsense about their superiority and how they are leading the multicultural fight for ending white christian Europe, I mean, he’s quoting into quotation marks, till the point that Youtube, whose CEO Susan Wojcicki has jewish origins, the mother I believe, refused to take it down, and who’s playing the outraged ones? The fucking middle rightwingers, the goy Right, the right that denies the jewish lobby exists, knowing perfectly that it does, and they, the happy goy slaves, they want to take down the video because they are shitting in their pants and because for them as long as they can insult and eventually kill muslims the jewish lobby can go on damaging society undisturbed, these people are liars and cowards, it’s the right that writes almost word by word our articles purging them of the “fuck” and “jewish” words, and doesn’t even give you the link as a source, but that’s it, and now even wants the censorship of a video 80% jewish quotes, where the jewish suprematists at least have the courage to show their face and say their name so it is basically legally impossible to attack Duke, who’s not an idiot btw, no, they the goys, they want censorship.

And these people are the people you and I should set free? Slaves in the guts.

I’m wondering whether to change numbers and leave them, to stop being an editor and to start enjoying my life, as a kabalarian I should switch my name from the actual number 7, to a 6 and I’d make money would enjoy health and would be skiing in Switzerland with the rich ones. The kabalarians know what I’m talking about,  and till now “No, Paola, stay 7, you’re an editor, the 7 has less money, no much fun, but a high level intellectual power and access to the key of the matrix.” What for? To liberate slaves in the guts. Who deserve being despised, who want to arrest David Duke while the half jewish youtube CEO tries to save him.

You know my name, I’m not so sure. There’s much money and much fun out there. Let’s see if I can get rid of Macron and then change.

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