Macron investigated for giving public money funded contract to a private firm owned by his supporter Yannick Bolloré without a call to tender. His Ministry gave the contract to Havas without allowing other firms to participate, Havas is ownwed by Yannick Bolloré a B’Nai B’Rith man, the powerful jewish lobby that’s pushing Macron’s presidential bid…


Macron investigated for giving public contract to the firm of his political Godfather Yannick Bolloré, who sustains his campaign, without a call to tender

Macron investigated for giving public money funded contract to his own political Godfather Yannick Bolloré’s firm Havas for an event funded by his Ministry in Las Vegas where no other firm was allowed to participate to the tender, because there was none.

What happened? Favoritism and concession of public contracts without a call to tender, he gave the contract to whom he liked without allowing other firms to participate and also in this there’s the powerful jewish connection: the firm who got the taxpayers’ money contract without a tender is Havas and Havas’ CEO is Yannick Bolloré a man of jewish origins falsely converted to christian, like Åka Bonnier in Sweden btw, who’s got strong relationship with the infamous B’Nai B’Rith the masonic lodge “for Jews only” the lodge that, though in the rest of freemasonry they push racial mix and though members of the B’Nai B’Rith are also members of the other mixed jewish-non jewish masonic lodges, where the Jews are basically the “guardians” of the non-Jews, in the B’Nai B’Rith the non Jews are totally excluded, like Israel, where the israelis should have the right to the nationality and civil rights in your country but you, or the Palestinians cannot have the nationality or the civil rights in Israel. Evidences, screenshot taken from Yannick Bolloré wikipedia profile:


This is much worse than Fillon’s case or even Marine LePen’s: he gave public contract aribitrarily to his political supporters whose media now push him and till now have given him four times as much space than to his socialist rivals put together…try and guess why. So, he did have something in change personally by Bolloré, Bolloré’s media are pushing him and backslide the other candidates and try to pull down his rivals. He gave public money to the people who help him in the electoral campaign. 20 years jail to him and to Bolloré. And abolish the dual nationality with these f*****g Jews. A propos, but what do non-Jews masons have in mind? Can’t they see that the Jews keep the B’Nai B’Rith for themselevs only and then inside the other lodges, where the B’Nai B’Rith members are there to control that the others don’t damage the jewish or israeli cause, tell the others to mix and to lose the identity, imbeciles?

Have a freemasonic lodge forbidden to the Jews at least, like they have their own forbidden to you*, even that monster of Coudnehove Kalergy who wanted to mix all the races, in reality was a member of the jewish-only B’Nai B’Rith, they’re all fake and double faced. Get rid of them.

*Ed. Notes

I don’t like masonic lodges, but if people cannot do without, have one without the Jews tricking you and controlling you, at least.

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