Why the European identity was found. But it’s all against the EU. Farmers in Southern Italy, Fishermen in Britain, people who want to smoke Salmon in Denmark all found at their own expenses the EU is there not to allow you to interfere with the law-making.


Workers in the orange sector in Italy

The European identity at least was found, only it was found by the enemies of the EU.


I gave a glance to my own latest video’s happiness for Brexit and why vote Wilders and honestly I asked myself if people, particularly the new-comers to my videos would understand fully why I was so happy, from Southern Italy for the Brexit.

It’s because the european identity at last was finally found, but it is completely different than the EU values. If you speak and write in english you can find people from Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Britain or Italy all complaining about the very same situation and this is the situation, twin brothers situations all across the former EU countries, I give you the protagonists and then you can apply the scene in any former EU constituency, Reggio Calabria Farmers or British Fishermen, all.

A farmer in the lemon and oranges sector in Southern Italy.

A Fisherman in Britain.

A man who used to smoke Salmon in Denmark.

The scene is so much the same, that I give you one for all:

The unfortunate EU citizen finds out the law about his/her activity damages so much his business that he risks he has to close or he will lose money, so he goes, as usual, as he had learnt at the time his country was a liberal democracy, to his MP, he catches him or her and tells him: “I gave you the vote now you listen to me, these new regulations about oranges-smoked herrings – types of fishery will make me close the activity, change them in Parliament.” At this point the poor MP of the national Parliament gives the very same precise answer: “It’s not we who decide anymore, these things are decided in Brussels” and you start hating Brussels “The law about your farming, fishing etc. business it’s a EU law, not a national law anymore” she, the nice MP goes on and sincerely looks saddend by the situation but powerless: you pay for your MPs, but you pay for nothing. Well, at this point the unfortunate EU citizen goes to his MEP and that’s even worse, because the MEP tells him: “these regulations are decided by the Commission, the European Parliament doesn’t count that much, actually we cannot do anything about it.” At the Commission the unfortunate EU “citizen” cannot arrive. You can’t simply contact Mogherini, Tusk or Juncker and if you could they owe you nothing and are not interested in the peasants, you don’t elect them, their destiny does not hang on you, even worse, the corporations who decide and influence the commissioners prefer the ones who care less about the people; it’s not a democracy anymore and you the peasant, the ignorant, and I don’t know why even racist, have realized it at your own expenses: you don’t live in a liberal democracy anymore, you cannot interfere in the law-making process. They had told you the EU stood for Democracy, but in reality it’s the opposite, your vote becomes the more and more irrelevant and the ones who want to repatriate powers to the democratically elected Parliaments, and your representative too, are the “fascists”. Strangely because you were taught that the fascists were against Democracy, now the fascists are pro Democracy, and the supposed democratic people are pro corporations and unelected powers.

Everything you hold as a value the EU crashes it down: you were told that to destroy or throw away good food is a sin, against poverty, the EU pays you to destroy good food – fish and oranges and milk, good fish, oranges and milk – not to draw down the price aka you destroy food so it costs more and less people can afford it, and you cannot give it to the poor, the poor, the africans that the EU pretends to worship, you must help them giving the EU or lefty cooperatives cash or having to pay more taxes for the purpose, but the food you cannot give it as a present to starving children, you must destroy it and then give money to a charity that claims to use it buy back food for the poor (???) that costs more because you have destroyed a lot of the storage, which thing for you, your education and your values is simply immoral cube. You were told Christianity is good and an important part of your education and of the european culture, but the EU doesn’t want the europeans to identify as christians, according to the EU everybody is better than you, Jews and muslims particulalry, you start doubting if by the way they called this thing “european” Union just to trick you. The values of the EU are regularly the opposite of yours and of what was called european before they came.

Now tell me what do you do with the right of marrying a person of your same sex – which in any case, if ever, is decided at a national parliament’s level – if you cannot intefere with the laws about farming, fishing, what do you want to eat, working and immigration, if you want to decide about immigration you are labelled a fascist yourself, the EU, and we mean the unelected part of it which is the “real” EU, given proof above that the EU Parliament is there as a giant hoax just to give you the visual impression that it is a democracy when clearly it isn’t, well the unelected EU wants the right to decide in your place how many and what kind of immigrants you have to take on what you used to consider your land and you must pay for it, and if the EU wants the army it’s only to quell an eventual rebellion against it.

The only solution is to close the EU.

Now you undertsand why I was laughing of happiness for Brexit.

Happy Brexit.

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