The Alliances that can save the West: Greek-Roman-Celtic-Germanic-Trinitarian Christian and by now Dutch-Danish-Swedish, here’s why – Video –

I was thinking about the alliances that can save the West and I recorded a video where I explain to you how I reached the point of identifying two, one in the long term the other sudden, here’s the video.

I hope you enjoy it and agree or improve it. Ad maiora semper.

By the way, here’s the comment of Rachel and of the supposed BLM thug, so you see I don’t invent stories, and I’d like to know what’s written in the books of history in hebrew they study in the israeli schools, because what they say in english is a bit…chilling


This is the supposedly black thug’s comment:


Now it’s the John Smith you can see it, I’d like to point out one small detail, this person talks about selling crack and heroine and basically rape as if in his ambient all this were normal, now when they say that in the american prisons there are more blacks than whites because the “cops are racists” that may not be the truth, if in certain black ambients to sell heroine and to talk about rape like this is perceived as “normal” of course they end up in jail, the cops are solely doing their duty. It’s not normal to talk about being a drug dealer like this, he doesn’t seem to realise he’s basically confessing crimes…In the end I even have the suspicion this person was not a real black, because in the video I don’t criticize the blacks I criticize the Jews obsessed with the reparation money, so why should a black jump from the chair like this? It may be a Jew who impersonates the black, just like some Jews impersonate the white leftists…and some others the muslim terrorists. I give you the link to the video so you can check that the video is against the Jews not against the blacks, in any case I answered accepting that the thug was black Link to the video

Another video I want to share is this one where the atheist Jew starts talking and shouting like Savonarola against the christian who’s only holding a banner, because even in this case I wouldn’t like you to think I’m inventing stories, look:

Now this “Savonarola unchained” attitude: “you’re all sinners and you must be punished for the collective crimes of anti-semitism, racism and homophobia etc.” where, if you change the words crime with sin and reparation with atonement you recognize the Vatican origins of the whole lefty construct, they talk as if they were monks gone crazy as I told you in the video “sin and atonement” become “crime and reparation” the strange thing is that the role of the crazy monk is regularly impersonated by an atheist white jew, but he says the same. No wonder the Catholic Church came out in full support of the NWO when yesterday the Cardinals of Germany tried to prohibit to the german catholics to vote Afd because, this is also chilling “AfD has a nationalist perspective” to have a nationalist perspective is not a sin and certainly not a crime. So, as David Icke says the connection seems strangely Vatican-Israel, the Rothschild Bankers and the Vatican Cardinals. This even if many israelis would shiver at the sole thought of.

So, when Paul Joseph Watson says the leftists are nuts, psychiatric yard level, he’s not exaggerating. And I’m not talking about Kanye West, I’m talking about the others.

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